A chain exchange

I want to say is that the weight of a chain what for me is not important, even if you are not included in the search engine, even if the free domain name, so I will add a chain, I only hope to have sincere exchange friend chain, blogger friends. Only with these conditions, you must obey:

  • Your site should not contain bad contents, such as H etc..
  • The time shall be sent to IP what each visit, because usually busy to attend classes, bloggers have Enter the bitter three A university dog ~ ~ so I have time to visit.

If you do these things, please don't exchange chain and i:

  1. And after the undesirable content

If you want to exchange links, please directly under the message, message format:

Site name:
Site address:
Site description [optional]:

Please confirm that you have to add the chain, this information is as follows:

Site name: Ji Changxin
Site address: https://blog.isoyu.com/
Site description: Ji Changxin, iPhone development, iOS development, iPad development, Mac development. We are committed to providing information services for all mobile developers, QA services code download, tool library and service.

You can directly copy the following code HTML:

  1. < A
  2. Href = "Https://blog.isoyu.com/"
  3. Target = "_blank" > Jichangxin < / A >


  1. < P >   < A   Href = "Https://blog.isoyu.com/"
  2. Target = "_blank" > < Img
  3. SRC = "Https://blog.isoyu.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/1128902881.png"
  4. Style = "Border-radius:360px;"   Width = "40px"
  5. ID = "Img" > Jichangxin < / A >   < / P >

I will continue to be included in the archive, prevent the accident loss of chain.
Need to exchange chain, also can leave a message here. Oh.
Please specify the site name, URL, type, can add the appropriate introduction necessary.

Friends of the chain collection & collection

In alphabetical order of the ~ ~ I will add their own blog link on.