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The beauty reaches 99%. These four high beauty mobile phones make people excited

For the current consumers, in addition to considering the brand, configuration, price, photography and other factors, the color of mobile phone is becoming more and more important. Mobile phone is the closest electronic product with us every day, so it is very important to show individuality and differentiation. More and more manufacturers began to work hard on the appearance design of mobile phones, and launched mobile phone products with strong performance and colorful fuselage to attract consumers who pursue individuality.


The nova3 mobile phone released by Huawei this month is a high-quality, colorful and fashionable mobile phone, which is also the first product of Yibu Qianxi as the global spokesperson of Nova series. As the main color of AOJIN and Novara, which is popular among young users, is a series of high-value products. However, the beautiful mobile phone is not only the nova3. There are many high beauty models on the market today. Today, we might as well summarize them.

The brilliant beauty of Huawei nova3

Reference price: 2999 yuan

Since Huawei signed the contract of e-commerce Qianxi as the spokesperson of nova3, it has attracted many fans' attention. The new machine is featured with "24 million poster level selfie". It is the first time to adopt the front and rear double camera design, providing a new trend of color matching. At the same time, its flagship configuration is more competitive in the market.


Huawei nova3

On the back, Huawei uses four colors, which are light blue and blue blue, which are more eye-catching than those of the blue blue and blue blue blue. On the basis of the previous generation of 2.5D glass, Huawei nova3 is upgraded to a glossy and full hyperbolic 3D glass, bringing more abundant and full light and shadow flow. In addition, under the refraction of 3D curved surface, the back of the fuselage can create a brilliant luster like diamond.


Huawei nova3 is equipped with a 24 million + 2 million dual camera module at the front. It is responsible for imaging a 24 million pixel camera with an aperture of f2.0, and another 2 million secondary camera is used to record depth of field information. At the same time, the front camera also supports AI beauty, with strong hardware level processing capacity. Even in the backlight environment, it can also take shocking photos. Moreover, each point is generated by real photosensitivity, and the image quality is lossless. It can support the development of spray-painted posters up to 1.5 * 2m. Therefore, Huawei officially calls it "poster level selfie".



Huawei nova3 shooting

In addition to its powerful self timer capability, Huawei nova3 is also equipped with top-level configuration, such as Kirin 970 processor, 6GB storage, 128GB UFS 2.1 storage, and Huawei's latest GPU turbo, which makes this mobile phone contain powerful capabilities from the inside out. Therefore, it is not only a "high-quality, selfie" mobile phone.

Editor's comments:

Beauty and selfie have become the number one demand of young people. Huawei nova3 is dedicated to doing things that young people like, so it is absolutely a suitable mobile phone for young people. Although the price is basically the same as that of the previous generation (starting at 2999 yuan), Huawei has introduced its top chip Kirin 970 without any hesitation, which is enough to make nova3 stronger and more competitive. If you need a mobile phone with high appearance, high quality and excellent performance in all aspects, Huawei nova3 will be the top choice.

Red and blue gradient oppo R15 worthy of "pick"

Reference price: 2699 yuan

Oppo R15 is a mobile phone launched by oppo in March this year. The R series has always been the highlight of oppo. This oppo R15 has not let us down. In the three months since its launch, oppo R15 has won the unanimous praise of users, and the overall high praise rate of oppo R15 in Jingdong Mall is as high as 99%, which fully demonstrates that oppo is an excellent mobile phone R15 meets the actual needs of users and is the preferred model in the minds of users. Among the many colors of oppo R15, the nebula special edition is undoubtedly the most beautiful one. Oppo R15 Nebula special edition is a new color combination of oppo's popular trend and young user's demand, and created by extreme technology and strict quality control.


Special edition of oppo R15 Nebula

Oppo R15 is highly praised for its special-shaped full screen design, which is praised by users. 90% of the screens make mobile phone users feel better and experience the fun of mobile phones. Moreover, the special-shaped comprehensive screen matches various mainstream apps, which is also praised by users.


Special edition of oppo R15 Nebula

The red color of the red R15 is the latest color upgrade of the red Nebula series. Red and blue are very intense colors. Oppo once created the customized version of oppo R9 Barca and the customized version of oppo R11 by virtue of its unique use of red and blue, which once led the trend of red and blue collocation. The special edition of oppo R15 Nebula brings a new flowing, integrated red and blue light, which is more exciting.


Special edition of oppo R15 Nebula

There are two versions of the special edition of oppo R15 nebula. One is the ordinary version, and the other is a gift box, which costs 2999 yuan and 3199 yuan respectively. The latter comes with a special blue package and a JBL customized red and blue headset. From the price of the former, we can see that the special edition of the nebula uses the MTK Helio P60 processor, and there is no difference between the configuration and the ordinary version of R15.





The portrait sample of oppo R15

As a camera phone, oppo R15 has made great efforts in taking photos, a Sony imx519 sensor. I know that oppo's new camera photography technology is the blood. And oppo R15 has upgraded intelligent scene recognition, which can detect 120 scenes, classify them with 16 kinds of tags, and match different imaging optimization schemes.

Editor's comments:

As the most fashionable and popular mobile phone brand among young people, oppo is keen to grasp the color trend and bring the red and blue color gradient of oppo R15 Nebula special edition to us. In many people's eyes, it is not just a mobile phone, but a dazzling fashion piece. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the appearance party and the appearance party start with the nebula special edition.

Brand new design appearance and hand feeling double pop watch 1 plus 6

Reference price: 3599 yuan

Recently, a domestic flagship has been hotly discussed all over the world because it has sold more than one million units in 22 days. This flagship model is one plus mobile phone 6. The screen of this mobile phone adopts a 6.3-inch 19:9 AMOLED Bangle screen. The sleek body and the comprehensive third-generation Corning gorilla glass make the fuselage look more quiet and cool. Recently, one plus six has released a new color of amber red. This color matching one plus six goes further in technology. It is the first model in the industry to adopt optical coating.


The appearance materials of each color matching of one plus six are different. One plus six AMBER RED creatively uses an optical coating process that has never been tried in the industry, which improves the value sense of glass technology, and additionally adopts the evaporation bright film process to make the color of one plus six amber red bright and elegant. It has a light and high-grade black porcelain, and has a unique color matching of 6-grade white porcelain and matt black.


Over the years, Yijia's newly released mobile phones can be called "performance monsters". The reason is that the annual configuration is the current top-notch, and its running points and performance are second to none. One plus six uses a 6.28 inch 19:9 scale optical AMOLED full-shaped screen with a resolution of 2280 × 1080, equipped with a high-throughput snapdragon 845 mobile platform and 6GB / 8GB of memory, so that you can rest assured that you will not feel stuck.



Camera is the main upgrade point of one plus six. Sony imx519 / 376k sensor, 20 million + 16 million pixel AI high-speed camera, double f / 1.7 aperture, support OIS optical anti shake + EIS electronic anti shake. It can unlock 16.04 million pixels in front of the camera, and support the AI face mode.


The choice of mobile phone is not only enough to use, but also to consider the comprehensive function and practicability. One plus six mobile phones can not only provide large screen pleasure, but also excellent in all aspects. It can provide users with more rich and interesting use experience, which is an ideal choice for daily work and entertainment.

New generation of artifact beauty figure T9

Reference price: 3399 yuan

It is human nature to pursue beauty. Nowadays, most mobile phones support the beauty function. In this era of "beauty", the beauty function has become the standard configuration of mobile phones. Most users always turn on the beauty function when taking photos. As a strong point of Meitu mobile phone, it can be said that it is very prominent. Meitu mobile phone has been deeply loved by the majority of female consumers Love.


The recently released Mido T9 still adopts the design style of the previous Mido mobile phone, with only 72.22% of the screen. However, the main shooting function of the Meitu mobile phone has always been its own. This time, it is no exception. The new model uses a 12 million dual pixel front and rear camera. The focusing speed is reduced to 0.03 seconds, which can make you feel like a large piece in the daytime or at night.


Mido T9 continues to follow the classic double-V design and hexagon symbol, which is a very bright performance in the increasingly serious homogenization. In addition to the long screen, it can be used for the first time.


Self portrait of Meitu T9

Metu T9, combined with "bone recognition technology", brings "whole body beautification" function. Combined with MTLAB big data golden ratio algorithm, it can intelligently adjust your body proportion and realize more comprehensive portrait beautification. The function of slimming legs that most beauty lovers want can also be adjusted naturally.


Meitu T9 is the first mobile phone equipped with the high-tech snapdragon chip, and has chosen the snapdragon 660 mobile platform. This chip has both performance and low power consumption, and is very popular with many middle end mobile phones.

Editor's comments:

As for the Mido T9, if it is regarded as a flagship model with complete functions of telephone, game and video, its price, configuration and functions may not be very comprehensive. However, if it is regarded as a self shooting camera with mobile phone modeling, the strength shown by the current Meitu T9 is absolutely fascinating. At present, Meitu T9 mobile phone has been sold in major e-commerce channels, so don't miss the handsome and beautiful women who love self-portrait.

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