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"I've been recruiting for 5 years in Ali, giving 10 suggestions to job seekers."

In the past few days, I talked with Ali's M, a salary and welfare expert, for the whole afternoon. M has made 9 years' salary, and we have been paying a lot of salary.

This time, I found a recruiter from Ali technical post, T student. From his perspective, let's take a look at the golden rule of 10 job seekers in the golden three silver four recruitment season.

It can be said that each is very deep.

01 many times, HR does not want you, not because of your level of problems, or because of your professional skills. But HR himself has no confidence in himself. HR is not sure whether such a candidate like you will work steadfastly in the Department. HR thinks you are smart enough and good enough, but dare not use you, because they are worried that they have spent a lot of energy on training you. In the end, you have not put your mind on this job, which is a great blow to HR and the employment department.

02 whether the high salary means a good job, the answer is no doubt. In general, salary is directly proportional to expectation. Since someone gives you higher financial feedback, it means higher expectations. The value created by a person is not entirely determined by himself, but also depends on objective conditions such as team, customer, colleague, customer, cycle and so on. If you want to enjoy more benefits first and then create value, the probability of rollover will often be great.

03 candidates who hold Offer with higher qualifications are generally not to be seen. If you look at salary alone, you will always be more likely to be judged to be more stable than when you are waiting for yourself to get a better job. The candidate who takes the Offer to discuss the qualifications is always doubtful. Income is not unimportant, but it should not be a prerequisite for deciding whether or not a person will join a company. Especially after years of work, there is no clear understanding of the external environment.

04 when the company is recruiting abroad, we should not care too much about the salary range of the recruitment advertisement. This value is often not the actual salary standard of the company. It is true that the higher the salary is, the more attractive it is, but the content and challenge of the job will be weakened or even neglected due to the relationship of salary. Like Ali, looking at the recruitment on the official website, we will not give out the salary range of a job, but occasionally the sales post.

05 if you really have two brushes, academic qualifications, working conditions, and professional background requirements are not a problem. The company's JD is written by the HR department, and HR hopes to screen the right talents in the most efficient way. However, the actual needs of the employing departments are more realistic. In Ali, there are also junior college or even technical secondary school colleagues, which do not affect them to become outstanding employees of the company.

06, if your present leaders, exclude dissidents, tolerate different voices, engage in nepotism, concentrate on cultivating their so-called factions, and when assessing performance, they will not be able to see performance. Then leave early and do not waste their limited life in boring boredom. And leaving is not a bad thing. Leaving on the other hand helps to improve one's cognition, broaden one's horizons, and have more opportunities, so do not always get entangled or reluctant to give up, and adults will know how to choose. The 1 point of view

07 people have three views, and enterprises also have. But three views constrain oneself is OK, cannot use it to define others. Because you are not the other side, you do not understand each other, you know little about everything else. Do not negate the whole because of the part. Every company has its own problems. We choose a platform suitable for ourselves, rather than playing the moral and ethical policemen of the enterprise, and judge the quality of a company with their own three views. This is childish. The so-called "three views" is a short name. The full name is: "three views are just like mine".

08 if you really want to exercise your abilities well, don't start with a particularly stable and well managed company. Let's take HR as an example. Now human resources work in some super large enterprises has already had a very fine division of labor. Some links are almost the same as the production line of the factory, and a lot of pipelines will make HR's learning ability not strong enough, and the learning speed is not fast enough, which will affect personal development. If you are already working inside a large company, try to choose a challenging business unit.

09 job setbacks, resumes being abused, interviews being thrown into the wall... These are not the reasons why you can be discouraged. Job setbacks are sometimes not worth mentioning in the face of job challenges. The scene of failure will often be encountered later, so you should make your heart stronger in advance, do not mind the whole glass, no one will sympathize with your fragile heart. When you are frustrated, you should learn quickly, and you are secretly practicing when others are playing. That is what you should do.

10 No enterprise or unit is perfect and there are no defects. Every company has its own problems. Even if the company is good, you will have a lot of chances to meet some less good colleagues, superiors or partners. In Ali, too, you will inevitably work with people you don't like, but the important thing is that your patience, patience and anyone can cooperate well with your work. Impatient people change jobs in half a year.

At the end of the conversation, I asked T classmate a personal question: now Ali's HR is single or married, and T's answer is the latter.

So if you want to join Ali, you can wait. Don't worry and have the ability. You can always have a chance.

It's no wonder that when I graduated, I cast my resume and didn't even give me an interview.




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