Tencent CDN API refresh URL

Interface description

RefreshCdnUrl removes the specified resource cache on the CDN full network node.

Request domain name:

<strong> Matters needing attention:</strong>

  • By default, every account can be refreshed with URL 10000 each day, with up to 1000 submissions at most.
  • Full network URL refresh effective time is about 5 minutes.
  • The submitted URL must start with http:// or https://.
  • The domain name in the submitted URL must be the accelerated domain name that has been accessed under that account.
  • The status of the domain name in the submitted URL needs to be [started] or deployed.
  • The call frequency is limited to 10000 times / minute.

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Entry instructions

The following request parameter list lists only the interface request parameters, and the formal call requires adding the common request parameters.
Common request parameters Page. The Action field of this interface is RefreshCdnUrl.

Parameter name Is it necessary? type describe
Urls.n yes String URL that needs to be refreshed

For details, see below.

Detailed description

Support for refreshing one or more URL, refreshing multiple URL, the parameter can be referenced:

Influence of filtration parameters

  1. If the domain name opens the filter parameter configuration, submit the following URL to refresh:

    Because the parameters are ignored when caching, the URL is refreshed.
    Https:// In order to save the quota, the refreshing task is not allowed to be weighed.

  2. If the domain name closes the filter parameter configuration, submit the following URL to refresh:

    Because the parameters are not ignored in the cache, the corresponding two resources will be deleted.

Explanation of reference

Parameter name type describe
Code Int Public error code, 0 indicates success, and other values indicate failure.

See the error code page.
Common error code
Message String Module error information description, interface related
CodeDesc String English error message or business side error code.

See the error code page.
Service error code
Data Array For details, see below.

Detailed description


Parameter name type describe
Count Int The number of URL submitted is refreshed.
Task_id String This refresh mission corresponds to ID.

Call case

Example parameter

GET request

The GET request needs to add all the parameters to URL:

POST request

When POST requests, the parameters are filled in HTTP Request-body, and the address is requested:

Parameters support form-data, x-www-form-urlencoded and other formats, the parameter array is as follows:

When more URL needs to be refreshed, it is recommended to call this interface in POST mode in order to avoid GET request length exceeding the limit.

Result example

Please wait three seconds after submission, so as not to cause unsuccessful successes and duplication.