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Apple's cheap version of iPhone X: cancel 3D Touch

According to Guo Mingchi, a former analyst at Kai Ji securities, Apple will launch 3 iPhone this year, including a cheap version of iPhone X and a 6.1 inch LCD screen.

Recently, South Korean media Business Korea reported that Apple may enhance the quality of the cheap version of iPhone XLCD screen in other ways, and will use MLCD+ display screen.

The MLCD+ display is similar to the LG G7 ThinQ display, which has 4 sub-pixel points above, while the traditional LCD panel has 3. This screen can greatly improve the brightness level.

LG G7 ThinQ

In addition, the power consumption of this screen is 30% lower than that of the ordinary IPS LCD screen, and its P3 gamut is 100%. According to reports, this iPhone will become Apple's first full screen product equipped with LCD.

However, some media think that although this screen technology is outstanding, it still can not change the fact that the quality of LCD display is not as good as that of OLED screen, and Apple's main purpose of adopting this screen on new iPhone is to reduce the production cost.

In order to further reduce the cost, the cheap version of iPhone X will also cut off the 3D Touch function.

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