Linux & windows query who logs on to your server

Linux uses the built-in tracking tool last command

Some of them are transferred from the source script house, which is recommended to browse in detail

  1. Last shows from/ var /The log / wtmp file creates all logged in (and logged out) users. This file is binary and cannot be browsed by text editors such as VI, Joe or other software. This is very useful because the user (or root) cannot modify the file as they would like.   
  3. Last will give the user name, TTY, IP address (if the user is remotely connected), date time and the time the user has logged in.   
  1. You just type last in the console. Here's an example:   
  3.      last   


Enter the control panel - management tools - Event Viewer - Security - tool column view - Filter - event ID fill in any value to view the remote control login computer, user name and other information

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