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Cook and iPhone photographers went to play together, even to deceive you for taking pictures with iPhone?

When you watch the ball in the night of "exploding liver", Cook (Tim Cook) accompanied by historian Koen Kleijn and iPhone photographer Annet de Graaf traveled to Amsterdam, Holland.

Annet de Graaf is a famous local iPhone photographer. She has been shooting with iPhone for 9 years, and displayed her works on the Snap the City of personal website, recording the dribs and drabs of Amsterdam. Recently, she also published her first photo album "Morning Amsterdam".

The picture is from: Snap the City

We have to sigh, we all take pictures with iPhone, and how the treatment is so bad.

In fact, Apple Corp has always attached great importance to these creators who bring excellent photographs with iPhone. After all, according to Apple practice, the product itself is not the core of advertising, and users can use the value created by these products in order to become the best publicity.

Everyone can participate in the great "iPhone shooting" project.

Pictures from Cult of Mac

In 2015, Apple launched the "iPhone Shot on iPhone" for the first time. It selected 77 users from 70 cities and 24 countries to display in the global outdoor billboards, subway and magazines, making the city a "showroom" for iPhone photography.

Once launched, the "iPhone shooting" project won 24 thousand references to the "speech leaders", with a high praise of 95% on the Internet, and also won the 2016 Cannes International Creative Festival Outdoor plate award.

It was not only creative but also changed everything (game-changer). (iPhone)

Juan Carlos Ortiz, when the Cannes International Creative Festival judge said,

It sends an open message: you take photos with your iPhone 6, and you may also climb the super billboards. It's not just about taking pictures, but showing a possibility that your photos may appear around the globe to provide users with an opportunity to participate in big events.

In fact, it is not difficult to participate in this project. TechCrunch has interviewed one of his works in the 2016 photographer Jordan Ison, who took part in the iPhone project, and understood the whole process.

Jordan Ison and his works are from: Techcrunch

According to Ison, he was like most of the people who wanted to take part in the photo. When he took the picture, he put it on Instagram and took the label of #shotoniphone.

One day, he suddenly received a mysterious email saying, "my client wants to use your photographic works for one of their projects," and used the project code to communicate with each other until Ison was finally "iPhone shooting".

Moreover, when Ison replies to mail, the first thing is to sign a very strict confidentiality agreement (NDA), so the information he can disclose is very limited.

Interestingly, Ison needs not only to submit photos, but also to fill out a detailed information form for each picture, explaining the time and location of the photo, and even the reason why the photographer took this picture. "They feel that they value the story behind the photo very much."

After the selected works, Ison signed a contract with the agent company, which agreed that the other side could use the picture commercially and received a fee of less than 2000 US dollars, but it was not sure whether the work was actually selected.

Ison was officially notified until 4 days before the project was launched. In Ison's view, this is really four months full of mystery, but "knowing that my work is good enough to participate in such a project is really a great encouragement."

"Shooting with iPhone" is more than filming.

Although we are all shooting by iPhone, most of the selected works are not just those that the photographer can take at random.

Do you remember the Apple Festival this year when Apple joined Peter Chan in the three minute advertisement with iPhone X? After the movie highlights, Netizens found that the advertisement needed iPhone X. It also requires a lot of "plug-in" devices that are more expensive than iPhone X itself. I can't help but sigh that my imagination is limited.

One of Peter Chan's equipment. NetEase

Of course, Peter Chan's large scale production is still in the minority. Shooting, whether it's a cell phone or a camera, is actually a technical manual work. If you want to work well, you still need a lot of practice and groping.

except Apple's official website is updated regularly. The Appso of AI fan has also been. From the three stages of "prophase, metaphase and later stage", the secret of filming good photography with mobile phone is taught.

Composition is very important.

And Apple's "iPhone shooting" also accepts photos with external devices and APP processing (note that the desktop software does not accept the processing, only the app of the mobile terminal).

This rule is also good for Apple itself. It can encourage developers and businesses to create more excellent app and accessories around iPhone, and improve the overall output quality of iPhone works in reverse.

IPhone, the most popular device for Internet users.

IPhone allows all users to have good photographic equipment in their pockets, plus rich pictures to process app and social app. To make photography a hobby that belongs to only a few people in the past has become a tool for most people to record daily life.

The picture is from: Khmernote

Although Apple has not upgraded the pixel value of iPhone camera, it has been constantly optimizing white balance, sharpness and dazzle control, so that we can perceive the improvement of every generation of iPhone on camera and initiate the desire to change new cell phone.

In recent years, Samsung, HUAWEI and other brands have taken a lot of efforts in the photo function to weaken the advantage of iPhone in shooting.

Leica mobile with HUAWEI lens. CnBeta

But the reality is, Photo sharing network Flickr statistics In the year 2017, 75 million of the 75 million users welcomed the photo equipment top 10. Nine of them were iPhone (the first ten miles were Canon 5D Mark III).

The picture is from: Techcrunch

From now on, other mobile phone brands want to shake iPhone in the eyes of a wide range of netizens as the default choice of camera equipment, still a bit difficult. After all, up to now, it seems that only iPhone users on the Internet have their own photo titles - "iPhone photographer" (iPhone photographer).

No, Cook went on a boat trip with a iPhone photographer in Holland last weekend. You who have iPhone will also be chosen in the future.

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