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The open source community should also note that the Apache foundation and GitHub are subject to American law.

A series of restrictive measures taken by the United States to HUAWEI are still continuing, and the events are being fermented wildly.

In this matter, one of the most important concerns of the Chinese people is that "core technology is in the hands of others, and if others are no longer open, everything will be destroyed." Google limits HUAWEI's use of Android The news is deepening this concern. There are too many articles about this, many of which are over exaggerated to create emotions. This is what we object to over manufacturing panic, but in fact, the problem of "technological independence" can not be underestimated.

We have always thought that open source is no borders and totally closed. Apache software foundation, the world's largest open source software foundation. There are such things on the official website.


U.S. export laws and regulations apply to our distributions and remain in

US export laws and regulations apply to our distribution, and continue to be effective as products and technologies are exported to different places.

It means that unless authorized by the US government, ASF software or technology can not be directly or indirectly exported or re exported to any place under American embargo or trade sanctions. This includes China naturally.

On the other side of the crisis, we find that the official website of GitHub, the world's largest open source code hosting platform, also reads:, GitHub Enterprise Server, and the information you upload to either, upload, and, the, etc., GitHub Enterprise Server and your uploading information to any one product may be subject to us export control laws, including the US Export Management Ordinance (EAR).


And it is not until today that we have found that the regulation has actually been implemented in some countries:

GitHub Enterprise Server may not be sold to, exported, or re-exported, exported, Server, may, not, be, be, and so on.

The clause states that GitHub Enterprise Server shall not be sold, exported or re exported to the list country. The list now includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sultan and Syria, and may change at any time. When did you suddenly add another China?

Everyone is saying that the country needs more "technology independence" companies. It seems that it is time to say: we also need more "open source and independent".

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