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Still struggling with small bangs? Apple will release a perfect new screen next year.

Tencent digital news (Qiu Minghui) Apple's iPhone X is a stunning enough product, all Android manufacturers want to copy it is also reasonable. Even at the beginning, they were laughing at the small bangs of iPhone X, but it is undeniable that before that, iPhone X is indeed the most perfect comprehensive screen phone. Almost all Android mobile manufacturers did not miss the gap design, including HUAWEI giants to LG. Before Tuesday, another smartphone manufacturer did not "drift with the tide", but a report on Tuesday showed that the mobile phone manufacturer will also launch a device that looks very similar to iPhone X. Yes, Samsung did not stand firm.

In fact, apple is not the first manufacturer of smart phones with notch designs. LG once made a cell phone, and the top corner was removed. It was also a notch design. The Essentials PH-1 of Andrew's father also had a small circular notch designed for camera. However, iPhone X is still a unique mobile phone, at least almost all Android manufacturers choose to copy its design. Some media even listed at least 20 devices launched by An Zhuoxin, and iPhone X is simply not clear about it. But what is more interesting now is that this year's highly respected gap will disappear next year.

There has been a lot of reports about which devices are running after iPhone X, which should not be further discussed. But this week, Samsung applied for a patent and the topic was fired again when it saw the gap design with iPhone X. In fact, Android phones are also struggling. Even though they may be a little embarrassed, they are still trying to convince the world that they have not copied apple. But most people still choose to see them. In fact, at present, the gap design is essential, like Google in order to support the Android P system, we must have the gap design.

As mentioned above, what is really interesting is that Android mobile manufacturers are copying a design that is about to disappear.

Why does Apple need little bangs? Because only with the gap of the apple display screen, iPhone X headphones and TrueDepth cameras and sensors will have enough space to ensure the operation of the new function Face ID. With regard to the replacement of Touch ID by Face ID, the company is very calm that the times are developing. So the three new iPhone phones released this year will abandon Touch ID and Face ID instead, that is to say, the top of these phones still has gaps. Yes, the same world, the same gap.

Although gaps are necessary, they are not permanent. A report last month said Apple was developing another solution that would enable users to get rid of the nightmares that were manipulated by small bangs, and Apple would compress the original hardware into thin borders. The latest iPhone will be released early next year, the report said.

In other words, Android mobile manufacturers are trying to copy the design that no longer exists after a year.

Imagine again that when all manufacturers are claiming that they have not actually copied apple, it will be awkward for the manufacturers to clone the new iPhone design next year when Apple has given up the gap design.

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