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How can programmers write code without passion?

For programmers, did you ever knock the code down?

Repeated duplication of CURD, products endless nutritional needs, the test is to mention 1024th real users will not touch Bug.

You think your code has no soul, and your youth only gets a bunch of code junk.

It's boring. Such a program is boring. Have you ever had such a time of frustration and loss of code passion?

I interviewed several programmers of different code age levels, and found that most of them had a weak time to knock code. How did they overcome it? Let's take a look.


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Bottleneck: passion is hard to find


Chen Rong, code age 6 years.

Once I just closed the half year high tension and closed development, and just wanted to take a few days off, the leader let me take someone to do a brand new big project.

So my horse went on with a couple of newcomers to enter a new battle. While discussing new demands with the product, the code was developed, and it lasted until two hours after the morning.

I was exhausted physically and mentally, but I didn't have the pleasure of finishing a project after prototype acceptance.

In those days, I was completely in no mood to write code, and when the new demand came out, I was not in the mood to discuss it and fell into a career downturn.

Later, I forced myself to find out why: most of the business code of the new project was repeated, but the process was more perfect, and the product market was already available. We only solved some itch points, and technically did not pursue further, so I did not feel any sense of achievement.

Looking back at that dark experience now, I find that passion is actually an anxiety or a career bottleneck. There are two reasons: programmers are very important in their work. If they suddenly reach the bottleneck stage and have no individual support, they will easily lose their enthusiasm. The second reason is due to the pressure of life, most yards farmers are not satisfied with the current situation and are powerless.


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Knocking code is a way to make a living. No passion or hard knocking.


Li Xianxin, code age 3 years.

I once ate a terrible takeaway at the company at noon, and when I was fixing Low Bug, I suddenly suspected life:

Why do I have to live in such a boring life in this city every day? Eat the dirty oil of a thief, bear the loneliness of a person's life, change the Bug that he does not want to change? Then I want to mention the resignation application of N.

But looking down at the bills and rents on my cell phone, I came back to reality. When choosing a programmer at the beginning, apart from playing code, more motivation is to earn more money. After all, in this society, boys are defined by society as making money to support their families, and knocking code is my way of making a living. I can not choose to escape from it, and I have to knock without passion.

Come on, there's nothing to be sentimental about.

Li Suwen, code age 1 years.

What can I do if I can't write the code? Had to uphold Take advantage of money to save people The idea continued to write, and to coax myself to say that after finishing these lines of code, I went to eat the family bucket.

Wang Bo, code age 5 years, training institutions origin

The greatest passion is to write the code. Don't be despised by others. Sometimes, when you write a difficult demand, you will applaud yourself, but only you know.

Sometimes I work overtime for a week, but I feel faint when I return late at night. Second days, I finally have the face to ask questions and ask for products.


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Female code farmer: no passion? Resignation!


Xiao an, aged 5 years, is now resigning.

There is no passion for writing code, no matter what happens to these situations: because the code is too simple, for example, simple additions and deletions, I listen to songs or listen to American soap opera; if the code is tedious, I will try to think about how to improve the architecture or improve efficiency. After this thinking, I can resume the passion and power to write code.

Sometimes it is difficult to think clearly without knowing where to start. At this time, I will not write, find a place to clear up the logic and come back to write. There are also because of their technical limitations, such as the logic of the code is not clear, coupled seriously, no reconfiguration, do not know how to write clear code, resulting in no passion, then I hurried to study after work, second days to use immediately, the effect is immediate, the sense of accomplishment is back.

Finally, due to the fact that their technical reserves and job requirements are far from being met, or they are far from the standard of their own mind, resulting in no passion, they quit to concentrate on studying at home.

As a program maker who has lost the passion to write code, I have been studying for six months at home.

Cheng Juan, 6 years old, now resigns.

I like to write code quietly, and if I can write a large number of code a day, I will have a sense of unobstructed constipation. But the time for writing code in such a quiet way is less and less: meeting for a while, writing PPT for a while.

But if you don't like being a programmer yourself, it's very easy not to be passionate. Or let me do code refactoring, refactoring other people's messy code, it is really immovable, I quit because of this.


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10 years of programming, still full of passion.


Close month, code age 10 years, now start an undertaking

Although I have written 10 years of code, I have always been very passionate about code. Remember once, you need to use C++ to make a plug-in compatible with IE, Firefox and Chrome. I have contacted all the C++ engineers that I know, and no one has done it.

As we do the MIS system, the requirement of users is the imperial edict. I have to try hard to achieve the goal of Java. It took about a week, sleeping for 3 hours a day, and waking up every day without alarm clock. Later, a small number of white hair came out. After the completion of the project, I ate something and fell asleep for more than ten hours.


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Through interviews, we know that most of them have lost their passion for code, whether they are small farmers or old farmers. But you can usually find one by self regulation, or thinking about the day's wages. That's ok! Generation! Code! Yes! Many! Expensive! Then continue to crack the code.

In contrast, the singleton program is rather "capricious", with the action of "failing to move the code, resign" or "writing without changing."

When you can't write code, why don't you change your posture?

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