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The 2019 iMac evaluation: it is the office desk of the company and the family computer model of the study.

Last month, apple brought 4 new hardware, fans, AirPods, iPad Mini / Air, and iMac that changes everything except appearance.

In the past month, we have evaluated separately. New iPad Mini and AirPods All of them have left a good impression on us.

But compared to the past new product upgrade, these new products have one thing in common -- they all retain the design of the previous generation, no matter the largest iMac or the smallest AirPods. If I don't say, you probably don't know that I am using the new Apple 2019 spring.

Should AirPods be the biggest product of this change? )

After experiencing the new iPad mini and measuring the new AirPods, I unpacked the new iMac today and spent 10 minutes to take out the 27 inch big guy in the sandbox perfume box.

Let's take a look at this iMac configuration first.

  • 27 inch Retina 5K (5120 x 2880) display

  • Intel core i9 processor / 3.6GHz main frequency

  • 16GB memory / 2667 MHz DDR4

  • 512GB solid state disk

  • Radeon Pro Vega 48 video card / 8 GB video memory

Hi, where did I see you?

In the trend of fashion, big coffee and capable professionals, Apple has a very clear design style for iPhone and Mac two product lines.

On iPhone, you can see all kinds of design and functions that are in the front of the industry, while on Mac, you can see the design you are familiar with in recent years.

Compared to the iPhone that changes a little over the past two years, whether it is MacBook or iMac, the design of the new Mac product reveals efficiency oriented pragmatism rather than "eye-catching".

In retrospect, the only way to enjoy "special treatment" in recent years is the black iMac Pro.

IMac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro. Vincent Laforet

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