I didn't have much interest in it.

The unexpected thing is to see the founder of the devil's path.

Ah ah


Yes, there is also the Chinese spirit of "being drunk".



Fabulous ( Two hundred and two )

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  1.  At leisure
    At leisure Published in:

    Except for the beauty of the big wave, they are not interested.

  2.  West Feng Li blog
    West Feng Li blog Published in:

    There is no style I like, the kind of big white legged long legged. Remember the peach and hair of ChinaJoy?

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Big guys are different.

  3.  Tourist
    Tourist Published in:

    Tell me where the theme is from first!

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      ChinaJoy, mainly based on the COSPLAY of the game.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      Sister is not important.

  4.  SSR
    SSR Published in:

    Ha ha ha, they are all floating fairies.

    •  Ji Chang Xin
      Ji Chang Xin Published in:

      It's all big white legs.

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