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Apple looks for the next world factory. Why is Cook so persistent in "made in India"? -ios learn from entry to master.

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Editor's note In an exclusive interview with Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook, more than one mention of the company's development prospects in the India market was made. This article is compiled from Malavika Velayanikal, published in Techinasia entitled "Why Tim Cook is" very, very bullish and and, "Wei", "the".

Apple Corp CEO Tim Cook (Tim Cook) commented at the conference of Q3 earnings analysts: "India made" and India market has a "bullish" and "optimistic" attitude.

Apple Corp and Wistron, a Taiwanese foundry enterprise, have set up factories in Bangalore (Bangalore) to pilot and operate iPhone. Cook believes that India enjoys the same advantaged manufacturing advantages as China and has unlimited potential.

He went on to say: "since the third quarter, we have produced iPhone SE in India. The company is very satisfied with the progress made now, and will devote all efforts to it. India is quite similar to China a few years ago. "

If Apple will build India into the next "world factory", it will be a win-win for the two. Because of the high tariffs, the retail price of iPhone in India is much higher than that in other countries. Nowadays, the price of the Chinese mobile phone is "hand blocking the sky", and apple mobile phone accounts for only 2% of the India mobile phone market.

"Made in India" can not only lower the retail price of Apple mobile phone in India, but also attract more "well-off" new citizens. Xiaomi, often known as "China" apple, has already started mass production of mobile phones in India to seize market share.

But the Apple Corp is still having a long and long negotiation with the India government, including tax incentives, whether success or failure directly determines whether the focus of manufacturing can be moved from China to India. However, the formulation of the new policy and the interests of other smartphone manufacturers need to be fully considered and delayed.

India government officials must be clear that the realization of the local production of Apple mobile phones is undoubtedly a shot in the arm for the "India made" plan launched by Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of the country. Local mobile phone suppliers and software developers will also be encouraged. Recently, Apple announced the launch of the iOS application design and development accelerator in Bangalore.

The reason why Apple Corp is so interested in the India market is mainly because sales in China are slowing down and production costs are rising. Cook also admits: "I don't know when I can recreate the splendor of the Chinese market."

Cook jokes about the proportion of employees: "nowadays, 2/3 of Apple Corp employees are distributed in the United States, but they only contribute 1/3 of their profits. In the future, it is not clear.

The background of this statement is that President Donald Trup (Donald Trump) accepted an interview with the The Wall Street Journal that Cook promised to build three large manufacturing plants and the latter did not comment on it. "Trump"

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