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Braised little potatoes

Nutritional value of potatoes
Potato has high ammonia content and is easily absorbed and utilized by human body. The fat content is about 1/1000. Minerals are one to two times higher than that of ordinary cereal crops and are especially rich in phosphorus. In organic acids, citric acid was the largest, followed by malic acid, followed by oxalic acid, lactic acid and so on. Potatoes are rich in vitamin types and quantity. Of course, vitamin C is the most abundant, and 100 grams of potatoes contain vitamin C content of up to 20 to 40 mg. Due to the high nutritional value of potatoes, potato food has become a consumer fashion in twenty-first Century.
Practice of braised small potatoes
Potatoes are right, boiled potatoes in clear water, boiled potatoes in cold water, rinse potatoes, peel the potatoes, stir fry the oil with the right amount of soy sauce, and so on. When the juice is collected, close the fire and simmer for 10 minutes.
Note: the best choice for potatoes is even size, not only nice, but also cooked time.

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