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 Simple declaration wall implementation

Mobile phone adapter, computer access is not very friendly.

The inspiration for the wall is inspiration. Early summer I saw TA at the time. She? The wall was not very satisfied, so he thought he had made one.

The wall is a little bit like an ultra small micro-blog system. The database structure is not complicated. The table structure is as follows:

`id` int (5) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, \ "your name is \" (12), the name of ` s (12), IF, content, and IF, which is reserved. Now I do not know why.
  • Storage engine InnoDB Transaction processing can be supported. MyIsAM Can not Still use MyIsAM bar
  • Set up here IP It prevents children from spamming and limiting the number of confession. (you don't need to spend so much time in a period of time.
  • Utime The fields are temporarily useless, and later can be considered. Classification by time Check the corresponding expression.
  • I use it here. Mid The field is to separate each page from the white page (don't laugh at me), not URL. Id=1, id=2 bar
  • The character set of the table is Utf8mb4 (UTF dad died of paralysis? ) This can be supported. Emoji Expression Oh ~

Utf8 It only supports 1-3 bytes, almost 0000-ffff. and Utf8mb4 Supports 4 bytes and Compatible with utf8 So it supports more characters.

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