In the video on the front page, I saw that there was such an attribute in w3school

The preload property specifies whether the video is loaded after the page is loaded. If the autoplay The property is ignored.

Preload has three values

  • auto

Load the entire video when the page is loaded

  • metadata

Only metadata is loaded when the page is loaded

  • none

When the page is loaded, no video is loaded

PS: I look so stupid

So I did an experiment

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At that time, the website was moved back to China, the blog backup package was downloaded and uploaded to the new machine, the database was imported, and the website file was uploaded

  • Perfect home page display
  • Enter the login page
  • Enter account password
  • Click login


TNN login 404, and then I went to Google a certain degree

I remember that I changed the key words and searched a page. In fact, I didn't report any hope. I was ready to switch back to Apache, which I thought was quite familiar to me. Who knows, it's really exciting (^ o ^) / ~ ah, countless grass mud horses are running in my heart.

Here, I sincerely thank the unknown blogger for his article, thank you

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It has been successfully filed on alicloud. I have entered the system. The filing time is expected.

First filing on December 18, 2015

When checking the intermediate data, I The owner of the domain name forgot to change it back It's causing a delay 1,2 God.

If you don't have anything to do, you have to file it

Approved by the Management Bureau at 12:15:15, 2015

Hubei Administration Bureau is still very efficient. It is expected to be completed in 12 days, and it will be good in a week_

There is no record of free Internet, but there is a system in China

If you see this article, your blog has been installed successfully

Station construction time 2015-01-07 The purpose of the article is to make the original