It has been more than four months since I arrived in Shanghai in mid August. In fact, I don't know how to come to Shanghai,

In the group, I saw a tweet from my classmates. I didn't prepare for the interview. I passed the interview.

On the same day, I bought a plane ticket on Saturday with several thousand yuan (of course, my parents still supported it), but I didn't know Shanghai, so I came to Shanghai.

Now I think about it, how can I be so simple? It's no surprise when I think about it. I haven't been out of the house for half a year. Once I go out, it's more than 1000 km. If you think about it, your body is still faster than your brain.

I know many new friends, both in work and in life,

Compared with before, the work is very challenging and busy. When I arrived at the post, I didn't think I could use it Golang Write business code 👀 , using mpvue
Write a small program (really can't think of this thing is not maintenance dare to use), with Tencent cloud Cloud function API gateway Write the landing page interface to guide the operation Department to use the activity page Next.js Development, only need to maintain form components, development efficiency is greatly improved compared with the previous use of old page modification.

To tell you the truth, my previous marriage plan is farting. I don't want to communicate with any opposite sex at home. I have food, drink, play, and go out with friends when I have time.

Besides sex, I can't find the second reason to persuade me to find a girlfriend. Of course, I also understand that people have emotions. Girlfriends will not be sent home by express delivery, or they need to go out by themselves. Just like animals in nature, when it comes to estrus, male birds will use nesting and dressing skills to "seduce" female birds, while flamingos and swans can perform "social dance" HHH

On the national day, a person went on a long trip and met a girl. She was very cute, just like my mother. She was very kind, simple and polite,

In contrast, I am a bit slovenly and heartless, and dare not expose my "likes",

I don't know whether it's her own words or the girl's fatigue of working overtime for several months in a row. She has a slight and irreconcilable feeling. She still dares not to expose her "likes".


To be continued

Recently submitted PR Comments by leaders LGTM A capital one It's in the brain. The abbreviations were checked and sorted out as follows:

  • PR: Pull Request. Pull requests, which have submitted code to open source projects, should all know
  • CR: Code Review. Code review
  • LGTM: Looks good to me. Yes, we can merge
  • TL;DR: Too long;Didn't read. The old woman's foot wrap.
  • TBR: To be reviewed. Give the labor review code!
  • WIP: Work in progress. Writing at the beginning of the title as an identification function is not completed
  • RFC: Request for comments. We usually hear that some policies want to be carried out. If the government wants to carry out these policies, the government will issue a draft for comments. The general meaning of open source projects is to ask for comments, which are used as task memoranda
  • ACK: Acknowledge. Confirm some contents, functions and tasks

Today, I went to visit my grandparents and played with my mobile phone. After playing with my mobile phone, my friend sent me a message: "is there any statement that can modify the folder path in batch?" so he asked about his needs. After half a minute's conversation, he found that it was dir/A => dir/2020/A According to the year corresponding to the excel table, classify the relevant catalog, and confirm that a few minutes is more than enough (too naive)

Since I didn't have a computer in hand and my mobile phone didn't have a proper editor, my friend suggested that he write it. I thought: OK.

Command is really difficult for people who have a programming foundation but can no longer reach their daily work. use readdirSync Listing all the directories under the directory has been operating for nearly half an hour, let alone debugging.

Calm down, I think, is it really necessary for ordinary people to learn? There is a certain need. If my friend simply grasps nodejs related skills, I believe that his work will be of great help. He does not need to manually copy and paste time-consuming, recognize the law of repetitive work, write scripts to execute the work, and efficiency will be his biggest experience.

After reading the above paragraph, it may mean "programming depends on work". I don't agree with this view. I agree with it Programming is a skill to improve productivity It can be understood in disguise as "Lazy" The friend mentioned above is just in the heavy processing of massive data, which is a little tricky. But if it's not related work, you can also use programming in other places to avoid being hit by the platform price difference when you buy your favorite items. You can master English indirectly and surf the Internet scientifically. Do not need to love, just because of interest and to understand, learn, meet the needs Happy, happy That's fine.

I saw it a few years ago "Python enters Shandong primary school textbooks" In retrospect, children's competitiveness has started since childhood. Cultivating thinking logic, observing children's interests and hobbies, and solving problems can be more logical.

In addition, programming should be regarded as a skill with the lowest threshold. After all, programs are everywhere in this era. Thanks to the open source sharing spirit of the Internet, relevant information can be readily available. The cost is really low, and learning is fruitful, You don't lose if you don't learn.

A strange bug was found in WSL today. Shouldn't sh be called directly under WSL

use Create React App Create a react application, yarn start Now, output Starting the development server... And then throw one Error: spawn cmd.exe ENOENT I wonder how this WSL is called to windows again cmd.exe It's weird. Hey

go create-react-app Turn it over Source code , executed an operation to open the browser and found that open Class library judgment windows Not just checking process.platform Yes, by the way wsl and docker The environment is also used as the judgment condition. The following splicing command is the final source of all evil

 root of all evils

Two ways to fix this bug

  1. take /mnt/c/Windows/System32 Add back the WSL environment variables so that you can pull up the default browser
  2. react-scripts/scripts/start.js Note it out openBrowser(url.localUrlForBrowser);

This is really an Indian bug, 🤮 The directory cannot be deleted

 rm: can't remove XXX: No such file or directory

After searching through the docker's documents and issues, this seems to be related to the ftype of the XFS partition. According to other people's solutions, it can't be solved 🤮 Yes

In the end, it's better to reduce two versions. Of course, it's OK to reload the system Dafa