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  • (mission failure to special love) New mission opens Find a girlfriend in 2019 (0/1)
  • (task failure hit +1 low +2 man power +10 game +5 money +10000) In 2018, I would like to find a long, straight, slightly beautiful, somewhat handsome girl with long legs and a girlfriend (0/1).

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    2019 is more than half. How is the progress of the mission?

  2. New mission opens 2020 to find a girlfriend (0/1)

  3. What girlfriend do you want? Men can do it!!!!

    1. So fierce, my brother is so fierce. It is. )

  4. 2019 crit +1

  5. You, you and you, you will not be the Ceng Xiaoxian of your moon, my heart!!!

  6. What do you want to find in the new year?

    1. We must find the same duck.

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