Rapid deployment of multi site environment, based on docker, docker compose choreography is convenient to add directly, each site uses an FPM instance independently, the performance is better

Link: flxxyz/fast-deploy-website

I feel good recently

TX Hong Kong like a bomb? Now that we have put it on record, we still consider moving into China

I used the panel and built it by hand. Now I still use the old version of pagoda. I plan to back up the site and reset the server. I used docker to configure the instance on the virtualization device in the house a few days ago

label: Second generation site update plan

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  1. Just looked at made Tencent cloud, I expired my student identity one year in advance. Next month, the server will have to renew the price of 65 months

    1. 233 to use Ali's lightweight, you can use the student discount is OK, that is, the CPU will be down after more than ten minutes of full load

  2.  test test

    Test to see if comments are cached and email alerts

  3. Now I've bought a cloud database that I haven't used before
    The latency of VPS and database is about 20ms. In fact, it is about 2S for a bit of card. So I set up a layer cache to access 400ms, and the experience is improved by 400% (escape)

  4. All containerized
    Idle egg pain √

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