Quick deployment of multi site environments, based on docker, docker-compose layout is easy to add directly, and each site independently uses a FPM instance to perform better.

Link: Flxxyz/fast-deploy-website

I feel so good lately.

TX Hongkong is like a bomb? Since the record is still considered to move into the domestic 8

The old version of the pagoda, which is used before the panel, is still in use. It plans to backup the site and reset the server. A few days ago, it used docker to configure instances in the house virtualization device.

Label: The second generation site update plan

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  1. I just saw ma de Tencent cloud gave me a year in advance to expend the student identity. Next month, the server will have to renew the price 65 per month.

    1. 233 to use Ali's lightweight, you can use student discount okay, that is, CPU loaded with more than ten minutes will be down off.

  2.  test test

    Test whether the comments will be cached, and email alerts.

  3. Now, I bought a useless cloud database before. (my brain pumped 8).
    The latency of VPS and database is about 20ms. Actually, there is a point card access to 2S, so I set up layer caching to access 400ms and experience a 400% increase.

  4. All containers are *
    Idle eggs hurt.

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