After reading the last article, it was published two months ago. Wow, I've been playing at home for more than a month

Think about what you do at home, sleep, play games, watch movies, write code, read books, participate in activities, model making, garbage collection, proper exercise, room arrangement.

The approximate time allocation is shown in the figure below
 QQ screenshot 20190603202936.png

Look at Xiaomi bracelet, sleeping time is almost 10 hours every day. Do you want to play steam collector's game after you buy it? Of course, the simple and fast way to play wild scuffle is really good. There are four fixed map scenes and one activity map. The fixed map playing method can launch new activities within a certain period of time. The new activities will fine tune the objects in the scene and add some specific playing methods. The reward mechanism of the team is also very clever. Unless you are 123 from the bottom, there will be rewards for each game The competition is similar to the qualifying competition, the victory will obtain the cup (the hero individual cup and the total cup), the total trophy will only accumulate all the time, the failure will only reduce the hero individual trophy, playing for a long time is really toxic.

Writing code is to optimize the things written before and realize new ideas. In fact, it is fishing.

The book is really reading. A while ago, I attended the openresty technology sharing meeting organized by the cloud again and got a souvenir shirt and a copy Do it yourself Lua I have a rough look at the implementation of lua virtual machine, syntax tree and compiler using golang. I temporarily put it down and looked at the algorithm. But I saw that I bought it in the first year of last year and it has not been opened yet. I found that there was no time to read books in the past year, so the time management was unqualified.

Seeing that the box office of the good movies during the period of the women's Federation was poor and the plot of sand sculpture was selling well, I can't help but think of what director Feng said,

There are so many junk movies because there are a lot of junk viewers

In addition, the art films in April and may are really good-looking (the voice of the OS in my heart). The whole movie viewing list has come out these days. Let's put it at the bottom of the article.

All of a sudden, I went into the pit of collecting garbage and wool. Now I calm down.

Proper exercise is actually 50 push ups, 50 squats, 20 sit ups (fat house is weak, the weather has not started to rain these days, and in summer, you can consider going out for morning running and night running.

Customized two shelves, the previous scattered server, books, handmade, put together.
 QQ picture 20190603214043.jpg

Movie list

  • Avengers 4
  • At the end of the curtain #A Japanese suspense plot
  • Kill a sheep #Tibetan film, a large number of fixed lens, not much dialogue, through the behavior of the characters to think about what is good and what is evil
  • Snowstorm #There will also be differences among the bad guys. They will kill each other, and the "evil" of ordinary people will also be shown
  • Rome #The black-and-white film is set in the Roman area of Mexico. The perspective is unfolded through the maid. Both the employer and the wife are unfaithful. The maid also encounters a scum man. Er, it is still not revealed
  • Revenge of a mother
  • Penguin Road #After watching it, I feel absurd. There is a sense of disobedience in the middle. However, what's more true than the animation world? Just feel it. (PS: I also want to sit with my big sister and fly Penguin)
  • May day life unlimited company #Second brush
  • The great detective Pikachu #Feelings
  • Godzilla 2 #That's it

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  1. Are you a garbage man, too?

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      In fact, snails 2333 can also be considered in NAS

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