After reading the last article, two months ago, wow, I spent more than a month at home.

What do you want to do at home? Sleep, play games, watch movies, write code, read books, participate in activities, spell models, pick up trash, exercise properly, and organize your room.

The approximate time allocation is as follows
 QQ screenshot 20190603202936.png

Look at millet Bracelet every day almost 10 hours of sleep time, steam collectors game to buy and play? Of course, it's a game of hand games. Wild and Wild games are simple and fast. It's really good. Fixed four map scenes, and a map of activities. Fixed map play can be launched in the time period. New activities will fine tune the scene objects, add some specific playing methods, and the reward mechanism of the team is also very clever. Unless you are the countdown of 123, there will be rewards. Competition is similar to qualifying. Victory will win trophies (individual heroes and trophies). The total trophy will only accumulate all the time. Failure will only reduce individual personal trophies, and it will be poisonous for a long time.

To write code is to optimize things that have been written before, and to achieve new ideas is actually fishing.

The book is indeed looking. Some time ago, he went to participate in the openresty technology sharing meeting of the cloud organization, and got a commemorative shirt and a book. Do it yourself to achieve Lua. A rough look at the following is the use of golang to achieve Lua virtual machine, syntax tree, compiler, temporarily put down the algorithm, but saw last year's purchase has not yet opened Kaifeng??

The other time spent watching movies is the most time spent. I saw the box office dismal of the good movies during the women's Federation, and the selling of the sand sculptures, I couldn't help thinking of Feng Dao.

There are so many garbage movies because there are lots of garbage audiences.

In addition, the art films in April and May are really pretty. (the cry of inner OS), the list of the whole days is coming out.

All of a sudden, I entered the pit to collect garbage and wool, and now I am calm down.

The proper exercise is actually 50 push ups, 50 squats, 20 sit ups.

Two sets of shelves were made, and all the servers, books and hands that were scattered before were put together.
 QQ picture 20190603214043.jpg

Movie list

  • Avenger League 4
  • When prayer ends A very Japanese suspense scenario.
  • "Kill a sheep" Tibetan films, lots of fixed shots, not too many dialogues, thinking through the behavior of characters, what is good and what is evil?
  • Snowstorm There will also be differences in the bad guys, killing each other, the outlaws of all kinds, and the "evil" of ordinary people.
  • "Rome" The black-and-white movie is located in the Rome District of Mexico. The perspective is carried out through the maids. Two of the employers and their wives are cheating. The maid is also suffering from the slag man.
  • Revenge of a mother
  • Penguin Road Actually, it's absurd to see it, but there's a sense of violation in the middle. But what's really more like the animation world? (PS: I want to fly with my big sister).
  • May sky life Co., Ltd. Two brushes
  • Detective Khan Feeling of love
  • Godzilla 2 It's finished.

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  1. Are you garbage, too?

  2. Eyes focused on the initial sound on the shelf.

    1. Only yesterday Petrina Fung???

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    The shelf is good.

    Besides, how about NAS? Recently, I want to get into one.

    1. That's right. JD now, NAS is only 888.
      Nothing. Only storage needs can be DAS, but not worth it.
      In fact, NAS can also consider snail slag 2333.

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