No more.

A few days ago, salon bug, I believe a lot of people have gone to rub, but geese, I was watching you roll over quietly.

Today, I tell you the new activities on the front page, the cloud database mysql entry model has been purchased for 3 years, and the purchase time is 6 months at most.

Checked the order submission information and successfully purchased it for 3 years.
 Purchase success

Copy the following code, save it as HTML file, open the page, click the link to jump, and then you can purchase it.

 <a id="get-mysql" href="#">点我领取</a>
<form action="" method="post" style="display:none">
    <textarea name="itemDetails">{"raw_goodsData":[{"type":"cdb","goodsCategoryId":"100016","regionId":4,"projectId":0,"zoneId":200001,"goodsDetail":{"pid":12074,"timeSpan":36,"timeUnit":"m","subType":"CUSTOM","payType":0,"mem":256,"disk":50,"cdbMem":256,"cdbVolume":50,"vpcId":0,"subnetId":0,"zoneId":200001,"type":"cdb","cdbInstanceType":"CUSTOM","mysqlVersion":"5.6","devClass":"Z3","action":"applyCdb","curDeadline":"0000-00-00","instanceRole":"master","projectId":0,"goodsNum":1,"payMode":1,"saleByZone":1,"productInfo":[{"name":"实例类型","value":"主实例"},{"name":"计费模式","value":"包年包月"},{"name":"配置类型","value":"高IO版"},{"name":"配置","value":"256MB内存,50GB存储空间,MySQL5.6"},{"name":"地域","value":"华东地区(上海)"},{"name":"可用区","value":"上海一区"},{"name":"所属网络","value":"基础网络"},{"name":" The item "," value ":" default item "}, {" name ":" data copy mode "," value ":" asynchronous copy "}", "protectMode": 0 "," deployMode ": 0," slaveZone ": 0," backupZone ": 0," originate ":"}, "goodsNum" 1 "," payMode ": 1}]}</textarea>
<script" 1}]}</textarea>
<script "," (") (()) ((()) {($) (()) ((})})

Label: Fleece wool , Conscience clouds

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  1. This purchase is novel, and I want to buy it for just one thing.

  2. Thank you for sharing.

  3. However... I have an independent server hosting the computer room.

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