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Looking at the salon a few days ago, I believe that many of your people went to the salon to rub over the bug

If you want to buy a new page of MySQL, you can only buy it for 6 months

Check the order submission information, successfully purchased for 3 years
 Purchase successful

Copy the following code, save as HTML file, open the page, click the link to jump, you can buy

 < a id = "get MySQL" http: / / buy. Cloud. Tencent. COM / order / check "method =" post "style =" display: None "> 
 < textarea name =" itemdetails "> {raw_ goodsData":[{"type":"cdb","goodsCategoryId":"100016","regionId":4,"projectId":0,"zoneId":200001,"goodsDetail":{"pid":12074,"timeSpan":36,"timeUnit":"m","subType":"CUSTOM","payType":0,"mem":256,"disk":50,"cdbMem":256,"cdbVolume":50,"vpcId":0,"subnetId":0,"zoneId":200001,"type":"cdb","cdbInstanceType":"CUSTOM","mysqlVersion":"5.6","devClass":"Z3", "Action": "applycdb", "curdeadline": "0000-00-00", "instancerole": "master", "projectid": 0, "goodsnum": 1, "paymode": 1, "salebyzone": 1, "productinfo": [{"name": "instance type", "value": "primary instance"}, {"name": "billing mode", "value": "monthly package"}, {"name": "configuration type", "value": "high IO version"}, {"name": "configuration", "value": "256MB memory, 50GB storage space, mysql5.6"}, {"name": "region", "value": "East China (Shanghai)"}, {"name": "availability zone", "value": "Shanghai area 1"}, {"name": "infrastructure network"}, {"name": "project", "value": "default project"}, {"name": data replication mode "," value ": asynchronous replication}], protectmode: 0," deploymode ": 0," slavezone ": 0," origin ":"}, "goodsnum": 1, "payMode":1}]}</textarea>
<script src=""></script>
    $('#get-mysql').click(function () {

label: To roll wool , Good heart

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  1. This is a novel way to buy. I want to buy it just for this

  2. Thank you for sharing

  3. However I have a stand-alone server, hosting to the computer room

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