Last year, there were more than 1000 cars in the financial industry. It seems that there are still more than 1000 cars in the car.

I hope it's not 618. It's worth more than 700 million yuan. I've run away with my sister-in-law...

June 26, 2018, 150 yuan is still in cash withdrawal, so I don't hold much hope
On July 20, 2018, app can still be opened

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  1. At last
    At this time last year, I said that the goods must be turned over As a result, I lived so long...

    1. The last time I bought it, I lived for two or three years. This time, I got on the car with a fluke mind, and then I turned over 2333333

  2. You should kill another wave before you roll over. Wow, I didn't hear anything

    1. It was 618 that killed a wave, and we all took cash and overturned the car

  3. I've been off K2 for a long time. Ha ha ha ha

    1. ... I've been using K2 for two or three years

  4. Last month, k3c got off the bus, Meizizi

    1. (; ω;) 150 yuan is still being withdrawn

  5. The publicity is not in place

  6. Big guy. It's overturned. The car overturned

    1. I've been driving for 3 or 4 years, and I'll turn it over...

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