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The new application center of Z-blog provides a platform for many developers to display their works.

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 Flow chart of ALT developer application

Pre requirements

In accordance with the requirements of the network security law of the people's Republic of China and in order to inform you as soon as possible, you must:

  1. Bind mobile phone number to complete real name authentication requirements: https://uc.zblogcn.com/user/security/phone
  2. Bind the micro signal and get the audit message in time: https://uc.zblogcn.com/user/open/wechat_mp
  3. Submit your ID card number to complete real name authentication: https://uc.zblogcn.com/user/identity
  4. "Optional" enables "two-step verification", https://uc.zblogcn.com/user/security/tfa/google

If you need to sell paid apps, you must provide us with:

  1. Bind your Alipay for collection: https://uc.zblogcn.com/user/open/alipay

Application process

Please at【 Zblogger Technology Exchange Center 】The following requirements are required for the application:

  1. To save time, please refer to the Notes quick reference table Conduct self-examination;
  2. In the Your own website Publish topics or plug-ins with screenshots and function introduction;
  3. Post on your page "With attachment or network disk or" Git address "For download; Don't send attachment to forum!!!
  4. If the website itself is a Z-blog, it shall keep the powerd by statement with link; Other programs should be added to the home page www.zblogcn.com The friendship link of;
  5. If the website is not suitable for publishing applications due to its own positioning or other reasons, it is reasonable to directly use "Z-blog + secondary domain name" to build one;
  6. If the published application is a theme, the copyright of Z-blog should also be correctly identified in the theme; Powered By {$zblogphphtml}
  7. Post the application post in the forum with the link to the release page attached; Don't send attachment to forum!!!
  8. It is not allowed to send application stickers repeatedly, and it is not allowed to change applications pending approval without authorization;
  9. After modification and update according to the audit opinions, the current updated changelog should be replied in the original post; It's important to be able to write updates
  10. If you haven't seen it Here is also the website of blog application Please read it first;
  11. Add QQ group and ask for progress actively; Group number: 836912740
  12. Prospective developers need a lot of patience (constant modification), and may also need a strong psychological quality (or they may be spurted away);

Note: the "application publishing" section is independent of the developer's application. It can send or transmit attachments, but it can't be used for application developers;

Poster format

Title Format:

Application developer "appid", "plugin theme"

The square quotation marks look good, of course [] or 【】 it's fine too;

Text example:

Application Name: XXX

Address: https://blog.zblogcn.com/?id=1022

Application Introduction: the function description of what, as short as possible, more detailed in your release page;

<!-- There is no need to match the pictures, otherwise it will be very troublesome to reply to the comments -- >

Review QQ group

Group number: 836912740


Official php-z documentation: https://docs.zblogcn.com/php/#/

Quick reference table for precautions: https://docs.zblogcn.com/php/#/books/dev -50-faq ←← high priority

Developer access specification discussion post - website affairs - zblogger Technology Exchange Center The priority is low

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