Yanque Xinglan multi functional blog theme (article, commodity, website navigation, APP download, QR code)

[PHP] bird star multi functional blog theme (articles, products, website navigation, APP download, QR code)

Self adaptive one-stop multi-functional blog website template! Publish article information, product display, website navigation, APP download, QR code matrix, etc. a website template is all finished!

 98 online earning blog

[PHP] 98 blog

A prominent blog theme

 Microblog show

[PHP] microblog show

Microblog show, personal blog theme template, adaptive + seo optimization.

 We media blog CMS

[PHP] we media blog CMS

We media blog CMS

 Responsive we media information [3 layouts, videos, pictures, lists] blog

[PHP] responsive we media information [3 layouts | video | pictures | list] blog

With CMS blog we media information theme

 Baidu search resources tool

[PHP] Baidu search resource tool

General collection, fast collection, small program included

 Random recommended reading in the main body of the article

[PHP] random recommended reading in the body of the article

Enhance the user experience, increase the original degree of articles, and improve the internal page ranking

 Content management extension (payment module)

[PHP] content management extension (payment module)

The default article management is too spicy. Some common functions have been customized

 Link submit push

[PHP] link submit push

Support baidu general collection, baidu fast collection, Shenma MIP push, Bing push, support new articles automatically push, support manual submission link.

 Tencent natural language NLP plug-in

[PHP] Tencent natural language NLP plug-in

Intelligent access classification, intelligent access summary, intelligent access tag

 Zblog_ Eloquent_ ORM

[PHP] Zblog_ Eloquent_ ORM

To provide a more simple management and operation of the database program

 Word document import article

[PHP] word document import article

Word document import articles published regularly