Extreme · we media blog Ajax switch loading

[PHP] extreme · we media blog Ajax switch loading

News / adaptive / SEO friendly / night mode / poster / user center adaptation / unlimited loading / micro language talk / Ajax / Lao Li next door

 Knowledge media CMS topic / blog / adaptive / imitative Zhihu

[PHP] knowledge media CMS topic / blog / adaptive / imitative Zhihu

Multi user / like / collection / poster / CMS theme / announcement

 Zblogmip theme aymthree

[PHP] zblogmip topic aymthree

Accurate structure, quick response, baidu style!

 Responsive enterprise theme zbunniversal

[PHP] responsive enterprise theme zbunniversal

Support single page scrolling navigation menu, red, green, purple three colors of free choice switch responsive zblog PHP enterprise theme zbuniversal

 Code sensitive words (prohibited words + filtering + transcoding)

[PHP] code sensitive words (forbidden words + filtering + transcoding)

Are you not afraid to have a cup of 82 pearl milk tea?

 Professional spider analysis

[PHP] professional spider analysis

Professional spider analysis tools, spider statistics, SEO statistics, search engine statistics, baidu / Shenma / headline / Sogou / Google / Bing and other mainstream crawler statistics at home and abroad, search engine crawling analysis, SEO plug-ins, webmaster essential plug-ins

 Find duplicate articles + delete in batch

[PHP] find duplicate articles + mass delete

Repeated article detection, to prevent the collection of duplicate articles. SEO anti-K station necessary

 Zblog article pop-up pay copy plug-in

[PHP] zblog article pop-up paid copy plug-in

It supports the pop-up window for selecting a certain section of the article. The content of the window includes paying to copy, inputting verification code for following public number, and copying the content of the article only after paying or paying attention to the public number is verified

 Automatic article matching

[PHP] automatic article matching

Make no picture article automatically add pictures, no need to set

 Online customer service tools

[PHP] online customer service tool

QQ, wechat QR code, Taobao Wangwang gadget

 Page watermark

[PHP] page watermark

Adding SVG text watermark to the page

 Zblog_ Eloquent_ ORM

[PHP] Zblog_ Eloquent_ ORM

To provide a more simple management and operation of the database program