[ASP] X2013

Z-Blog Super Simple HTML5 Theme

 2013 Simple Red Theme

[ASP] 2013 Simple Red Theme

2013 Concise Red is dedicated to Mjuan


[ASP] XiShadow



[ASP] OrangeBlog


 Translation of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

[ASP] Translation between Traditional and Simplified

After enabling the plug-in, add simple and complex conversion links in the navigation bar, and add JS scripts in the background; Detect the browser language. If it is traditional Chinese, it will automatically convert the foreground and background pages to traditional Chinese.

 file management

[ASP] File management

Add file management function to Z-Blog

 WindsPhoto Album

[ASP] WindsPhoto album

Z-Blog Album Solution

 Blue pupil template protection

[ASP] Blue pupil template protection

[Back up all themes before use] Note: This plug-in is used to prevent direct access to theme template files through the browser

 Wap plug-in

[ASP] Wap plug-in

Wap plug-in of Z-Blog

 Picture watermark

[ASP] Image watermark

Add a watermark to the image. It supports text watermark and image watermark. It is only valid for JPG format images uploaded by the UEditor image button.

 Advanced Configuration

[ASP] Advanced configuration

Advanced configuration, play Z-Blog.

 Exterminate chain

[ASP] Extinguishing chain

Turn all the external chains into jumps