Tao theme

[ASP] Tao theme

Z-blog2. X theme

 Metro theme

[ASP] Metro theme

Z-blog2.0 Metro theme


[ASP] X2013

Z-blog super simple HTML5 theme


[ASP] Youyan

Youyan is a simple and powerful social comment system. One click comments are synchronized to the social network to increase the activity of website users, mobilize friends to participate in comments, help the website realize social network optimization (SMO), and effectively improve the social traffic of the website!

 Advanced sidebar

[ASP] advanced sidebar

Add some new sidebars

 Ping Center

[ASP] Ping Center

Auto Ping major blog search engines


[ASP] TotoroⅢ

Review and reference management audit system enhanced version of Z-blog based on Totoro II.

 Random bullets


Randomly jump to any post in the blog.

 Bcastr image slide

[ASP] Bcastr image slide

Bcastr flash is the main slide, and jquery.kinslideshow is the auxiliary slide

 Translation of complicated bamboo slips

[ASP] complex and simple translation

After the plug-in is enabled, add complex and simple conversion links in the navigation bar, and add JS script in the background; Detect the browser language. If it is traditional Chinese, it will automatically convert the foreground and background pages to traditional Chinese.

 file management

[ASP] file management

Add file management function to Z-blog

 Windphoto album

[ASP] windphoto album

Photo album solution of Z-blog