Metro theme

[ASP] Metro theme

Z-blog2.0 Metro theme


[ASP] X2013

Z-blog super simple HTML5 theme

 2013 simple red theme

[ASP] 2013 simple red theme

2013 simple red host dedicated to mjuan

 Slide Bcastr image

[ASP] Bcastr image slide

Bcastr flash is the main slide, and jQuery Kingslideshow

 Translation of complicated bamboo slips

[ASP] complex and simple translation

After the plug-in is enabled, add complex and simple conversion links in the navigation bar, and add JS script in the background; Detect the browser language. If it is traditional Chinese, it will automatically convert the foreground and background pages to traditional Chinese.

 file management

[ASP] file management

Add file management function to Z-blog

 Photo album

[ASP] windphoto album

Photo album solution of Z-blog

 Blue pupil template protection

[ASP] blue pupil template protection

[please backup all topics before use] Note: this plug-in is used to prevent direct access to the theme template file through the browser

 WAP plug in

[ASP] WAP plug in

WAP plug-in for Z-blog

 Image watermark

[ASP] image watermark

Add watermark to the image, support text watermark and image watermark, only valid for JPG image uploaded by ueditor image button.

 Advanced configuration

[ASP] advanced configuration

Advanced configuration, play Z-blog.

 Exterminator chain

[ASP] external chain

Turn all the outer chains into jumps