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Tianxing studio adaptive CMS theme

  • ID : txcms2
  • edition : 7.0.0
  • author : Tianxing studio ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.txcstx.com/post/894.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-11-26 10:39:24
  • amount of downloads : one thousand three hundred and seventy-eight
  • Rating : The average score of 17 votes was 8.94/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.16MB

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This is a self-adaptive CMS theme designed by Tianxing studio. It can be considered as a relatively mature one by integrating the code accumulation in this period of time.

Demo address:

Computer demo address:


Mobile phone Demo:

 qrcode_ demo.imtx. wang (2).png

Theme update:

2022-11-26: This update is relatively large, replacing the user center plug-ins that depend on the theme, Old users please read the update record and upgrade carefully!

1. Replace the theme depends on the user center plug-in [replace the plug-in of the popular member center to the user center plug-in of Tianxing];

2. Optimize the function of the topic part;

3. Rewrite the theme JS file;

4. Optimize the dark mode;


2022-08-31: optimize thumbnail and article acquisition functions; Fix known user feedback problems;


2022-03-27: fix the pop-up login page failure; The breadcrumb function was optimized;


2022-03-13: adapt to the latest version of the user center plug-in of the Tang Dynasty. Users who have not updated the plug-in should not update the theme first;


2022-02-09: remove the compatible code for versions below 1.7. Users who have not upgraded to 1.7 should not update; Add custom upload favicon.ico; Optimize the function of some topics;


Upgrade on September 8, 2021: optimize some of the theme's own functions; Fix known user feedback problems;


Upgrade on August 9, 2021: add the function of calling zblog1.7 with compressed thumbnail [turn on the switch in 1.7 user theme configuration]; Optimize the data call acquisition; Optimize the function of the topic part;


April 21, 2021 upgrade: optimize the red function of the update article today; Modify the home page classification link to open a new window; The CSS and JS files of the theme are compressed; Fix known user feedback problems;


Upgrade on January 30, 2021: fixed the wrong number of columns in the picture list page; Fix the dislocation of the latest tag module of sidebar in some cases;


Upgrade on January 8, 2021: add theme configuration security verification; Optimize some function names to prevent conflicts;


Upgrade on September 26, 2020: optimize some functions of the theme; Add comment email website display switch; Add dark mode; Fix known user feedback problems;


April 13, 2020 upgrade: compatible with the latest zblogphp 1.6; Optimize the display of comment module; Old users who have not upgraded 1.6 do not need to update the theme;


Upgrade on March 15, 2020: add the switch of whether the sidebar of list and content page is displayed; Optimize the tag display at the bottom of the article;


Upgrade on February 12, 2020: optimize popular article call function; Optimize the theme with 404 pages; Add mobile login button display;


Upgrade on December 4, 2019: fix the errors caused by the previous version upgrade; Add a left and right ranking module on the home page; Add the home page picture module, you can customize the display of several functions in a row; Add the function of adding advertising space under the homepage plate;


Upgrade on November 22, 2019: This update is large. Old users can choose whether to upgrade after reading the update instructions.

1. Optimize and call the thumbnail function to avoid the dislocation caused by a lot of junk code in the content copied by users;

2. Add the style of picture and text mixed module on the home page;

3. Rewrite the home page CMS module call, the style, quantity and sorting of each module are set in the background classification management;

4. Add home slide switch, turn off the computer and mobile phone do not show;

5. It rewrites the selection of classification template, blocks the system drop-down selection and changes to single selection, so as to avoid the front desk error caused by the user selecting the wrong template;

6. Rewrite the call hot article function, because some users do not update the article for a long time, and then call the popular failure, resulting in page dislocation

7. Fix known user feedback issues.


Upgrade on November 6, 2019: fix the error reporting problem of some environment enabled topics in strict mode; Old users can choose not to update if they have no error;


Upgrade on August 22, 2019: upgrade the advertising position judgment of mobile phone end of computer segment; Fixed some other known problems;


Upgrade on April 18, 2019: optimize the theme JS file; Fixed some other known problems;


Upgrade on February 19, 2019: fixed the error of the SEO description function of the theme; Fixed some other known problems;


Upgrade on January 7, 2019: fix the tag problem under the article content; Fixed some known errors;


Upgrade on December 2, 2018: fixed the error after opening the verification code in the member interface; Add SEO configuration item (Title Customization + spacer customization); Fixed some known errors;


Upgrade on September 2, 2018: fixed the keyword display on the content page; Fix some problems in the theme's own member center interface;


Upgrade on August 9, 2018: fix some known problems; Greatly optimize the display effect of mobile phone thumbnail and simplify JS;


Upgrade on April 26, 2018: fix some known problems; Optimize the content page related articles display;


Upgrade on April 26, 2018: add custom thumbnail function; Fix the error of exit link after upgrading the latest version of zblog;


April 6, 2018 upgrade:

1. Add the home page top module, you can set the user-defined call to the specified article;

2. Modify the CMS text module on the front page to enable the first article with thumbnail function, as shown in the following figure:

 QQ screenshot 20180406230400.jpg

3. Fix known problems and optimize JS and CSS files.


Upgrade on January 2, 2018: the upgrade is relatively large and recommended. [after upgrading, please go to the theme configuration in the upper right corner of the background to set the theme color and the tab on the right column]

1. Add theme color location, up to 6 places to see custom color matching;

2. Greatly optimize and merge JS files;

3. Background theme configuration is greatly merged and optimized;

4. The tab module in the right column is newly upgraded, and the title, calling content and time span of calling content are fully customized;


Upgrade on November 26, 2017: add QQ quick login module and control switch. If your QQ login integration has been set, you can directly turn on the switch.


Fixed on October 17, 2017: new article list article description call is optional (call article content or call article summary); Optimize the article list thumbnail display; Some pages have been upgraded with the user center plug-in.


Fixed on August 28, 2017: fixed the error when selecting "display with pictures" in the article list; The logo on the mobile phone can be modified to jump to the home page by clicking; Completely change the thumbnail plug-in into an optional plug-in (you can use this topic without a thumbnail...).


Updated on August 16, 2017: fixed comments page; Add friendship link switch; Add slide to call the specified article function by user; Add the function of selecting the thumbnail plug-in (you can choose to use the original image directly without using the thumbnail plug-in to generate the thumbnail); Continue to optimize CSS and JS.


Updated on July 8, 2017: add the function of integral recharge and VIP recharge; Add order management function; Add custom title keyword description in tag page; Continue to optimize CSS and JS; Add theme copyright switch; Fix the bug that new users report errors with theme enabled.


Updated on June 9, 2017: add password recovery function; Optimize some CSS;

Updated on May 3, 2017: optimize the display of mobile navigation bar and integrate member center (registration, login and contribution).

Update on April 11, 2017: the update is huge. Please go to the topic configuration in the upper right corner of the background to reset the CMS column call after the update. Otherwise, an error will occur.

1. Optimize the calling mode of CMS column. After upgrading, it can be checked directly in the background without manually filling in the column, which is more intuitive


2. Add a list page to display in CMS format. How to use it: background - Classification Management - create a new category or edit a category. At the bottom, find the switch as shown in the figure below and open it


3. Fixed some known problems;


Updated on March 27, 2017: optimize the display of mobile phone navigation bar, no matter how many navigation columns can be displayed normally; Optimize the article list display on the mobile phone, modify it to display the thumbnail of the article list on the mobile phone, and make corresponding changes according to the screen resolution; Add a slide switch on the home page of the mobile phone, which can not display the slide module on the mobile phone.

Updated on March 17, 2017: optimize JS; The SEO field will not be displayed in the article editing page after the topic's own SEO function is turned off; Fix some known bugs.

Updated on February 16, 2017: JS and style of drop-down navigation are modified, and display style of navigation bar on mobile phone is modified.

Updated on January 9, 2017:

1. Some changes have been made in the comment module;

2. 404 template style upgrade;

3. The picture and text module of the front page becomes CMS, which supports calling multiple graphic modules;

4. The CMS module on the front page is modified to call all the articles with the ID filled in (including the articles of sub classification)

5. The CSS was adjusted slightly;


Updated on December 14, 2016: This update is large. Please read the upgrade instructions first

1. After the upgrade, the theme only supports zblogphp 1.5, and is no longer compatible below 1.4.

2. Each template file of the theme is added with Chinese description, which makes the selection of template file more intuitive;

3. Add search box on mobile phone;

4. The comment module is upgraded to the latest 1.5 Ajax mode;

5. Three display modes are added to the article list thumbnail: do not display picture / display picture / show picture if there is picture, no picture will not be displayed, background theme management can be selected and configured by oneself.


Updated November 3, 2016: topics support the latest zblogphp 1.5

Updated on October 25, 2016: optimized the breadcrumb navigation, supporting the display of first level column, second level column, third level column, etc; It optimizes the problem that the upgrade theme logo will be covered; Some CSS is optimized.

Updated on September 12, 2016: optimized the current page highlight and drop-down navigation of the navigation bar; Added a picture list page (select index img for the template), added some image effects, and fixed some known errors.

Updated on May 14, 2016: add search optimization with theme, optimize SEO function with theme, add 4 mobile advertising positions, and modify the thumbnail of mobile article list to not display, and fix some CSS errors.

Updated on April 26, 2016: add SEO to the theme, support the user-defined keyword description of the content page of the first page list page; Add drop-down navigation.

Updated on March 23, 2016: fixed the mobile phone width problem when the home page was switched to the blog layout; Increase SF_ Img1's plug-in supports to compress the pictures of the first page of the list page, which speeds up the visit speed of the website, and adds the tag display of this article to the content page; Add the self adaption of the video in the article (only support the external call video of embedded format)

Updated on December 13, 2015: fixed logo link error;

Theme features

1. Self adaptation (automatic adaptation to computer and mobile browsing);

2. The CMS layout of home page / blog layout can be switched arbitrarily;

3. Theme built-in multiple advertising space, background control switch;

4. Theme with colorful tag and beautification version of the latest comments function;

5. You can modify the theme color at will in the background;

6. Wait

Screenshot of theme demonstration

Computer homepage:

Computer side list page:

Computer side content page:

Mobile phone homepage:

Mobile phone list page:

Mobile content page:

Background theme configuration page:


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