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Hi, I'm here again. I can talk about why this theme came out. I'm at home during the Dragon Boat Festival holidays. After the children update the theme at noon, they surf the Internet. Occasionally, I see many websites of studios and small and micro enterprises. Some of them are really miserably read, disorganized and instantly inspired, The theme template of win the world came into being (how do you feel to follow the novel? It's true to say that people talk is to create a theme of small and micro enterprises to help enterprises grow and obtain the best service with the least funds Enterprise website construction They all started with 3-5k, and there are a lot of 8000. What's more, there are tens of millions of shopping malls that can't run. Sad expression.gif.

This website has also produced several theme templates. I feel that the list information of article L is more than that of simple enterprise display template. Therefore, we reorganized the previous ideas and made this theme template of small and micro enterprises according to the current situation of small and micro enterprises. I hope you can bring a little surprise to your enterprise!

Well, for a brief introduction, there is no sidebar for the home page and category page of the winning World theme template. The article page has a sidebar, but there is a switch. You can decide whether you need it or not. It is enabled by default.

The topic rewrites the SEO specification and is compatible with other SEO plug-ins.

The theme comes with three advertising spaces, which are: Category top, article page and article recommendation , on demand!

--HTML code or alliance advertising code can be used. HTML code reference: FAQ of z-blogphp , which has the detailed advertising code.

--New video display

--At present, more and more websites use video display instead of picture rotation, because dynamic vision can catch our eyes more.

The visual scrolling code is used in the theme module, and the visual difference effect is used for the classification and the background image at the top of the article.

The theme has its own text logo. After opening, set the relevant text logo in the website settings - website title, and it is recommended that the logo should not exceed 6 words.

Open secondary menu code:

Plug in management, open link management plug-in

Preview of background configuration of wintry theme template:

 The second small business win template

Preview of the homepage of yingtianxia template

 Zblog enterprise display theme template winlee helps small and micro enterprises grow

Preview of yingtianxia template category page:

 Zblog enterprise display theme template winlee helps small and micro enterprises grow

Preview of the article page of yingtianxia template:

 Zblog enterprise display theme template winlee helps small and micro enterprises grow 5

Preview of independent page of yingtianxia template:

 Zblog enterprise display theme template winlee helps small and micro enterprises grow

For more functions, please go to the demo station to view. There may be differences in some contents due to multiple template calls in the demo station!

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