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  • ID : xc_ article
  • edition : 1.7.94
  • author : Summer cicada ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : http://316la.com/post/3.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.6.0 Valyria
  • Update date : 2022-09-04 18:23:41   Update in March
  • amount of downloads : four thousand eight hundred and eleven
  • Rating : 44 people voted with an average score of 10 / 10
  • PHP version : 5.4 and higher
  • size : 337KB

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Many stations in the collection, like to collect the content in the local storage as a TXT file. If there are too many local txt files, it will be difficult to publish them on the website.

This plug-in, can batch import local txt files, through some personalized settings, to achieve more functions!

Since the plug-in will add more post processing functions in the future, the original "article import widget" is renamed as "article processing plug-in"!

Main functions of plug-in:

1. Batch import local txt files, and batch process more than 1000 files at a time

2. The label of importing the content of TXT file can be personalized

3. The imported TXT text file can be customized to convert to rich text

4. The tag can be obtained automatically through Baidu ai artificial intelligence

5. When importing, you can set the status, classification and publishing time of the imported articles

6. Articles can be deleted in batch

7. Random publication time of TXT import, which is convenient for regular publication

8. Batch processing of article Tags

9. Manually add labels in batches

10. Make use of the pretext of fake original to create a large number of articles

11. Regular release of articles

12. Modify the status of articles in batch

13. Modify the classification of articles in batch

Exporting articles in batches

15. Browse number of articles list page

Plug in background screenshot:

 QQ screenshot 20200414142237.jpg

Txt import settings

 QQ screenshot 20200517125410.jpg

Batch processing settings

 Tim screenshot 20200617181933.png

Timing tool

Description of TXT file import:

1. The file name of the imported TXT file, even the title of the article, is easy to manage locally

2. According to the custom settings in the background, the label of the article can be set in the content of the txt file

(1) You can set the label on the first or last line of the txt file content, which will be automatically processed when importing


(2) Use {tag} {/ tag} to set the label



(3) . you can add tags by plug-ins through Baidu AI interface or randomly select local tags without setting labels


3. Content setting of imported TXT file

HTML with tags

If there are HTML tags in the imported content, you can choose to import the content directly without processing the article.


(2) . importing plain text content

If there is no HTML tag in the imported TXT content, the content will be converted into rich text (add some HTML tags) when importing

Introduction to import function and article batch processing:

 QQ screenshot 20220304121432.png

1. Multiple txt files can be selected to import at the same time, and more than 1000 txt files can be processed at the same time

2. You can set the classification of import

3. You can set the status of the article when importing, such as publishing directly or saving as draft

4. Set the publishing time of the imported TXT article to prepare for the timing function in the future

Version update:

V1.7.94 optimize the function of manual batch label adding

V1.7.93 batch label processing, adding Tencent NLP tag acquisition function (Baidu AI and Tencent NLP can choose one)

V1.7.92 background article list, add multi criteria search function

V1.7.91 optimize import logic

V1.7.9 optimizes the import logic to prepare for the new features in the next few versions

V1.7.8 optimize the import logic and reject the import instrument under empty content

V1.7.7 optimizes the issue of calling the article submission interface after the successful publication of the new API

When the push information is pushed back in V1.7. Add the article to the pure TXT export function, the article list page adds the browse number display

V1.7.5 optimizes the support for multiple selection of zb1.7 background stage article list, and optimizes the time setting when importing files

V1.7.4 modify the new version of API push, the article release time is the current time!

V1.7.3 Fixed bug obtained by algorithm classification when API was pushed

V1.7.2 will launch the new API timing release function, and the old version interface will be offline in future versions

V1.7.1 fixed the problem of template selection in zb1.6 and optimized the background

In v1.7.0, template selection is added to optimize the function of author selection during import

V1.6.9 optimize the logic of Baidu push, add the control function of repeated title article import

V1.6.8 optimizes the support for zb1.7, optimizes the article batch deletion function!

V1.6.7 optimizes the content processing logic during import and optimizes the support for zb1.7 beta version

V1.6.6 optimize the article automatic release code, optimize the tips of personality settings

V1.6.5 to join the article import, the selection of random classification, optimization of Baidu push code

V1.6.4 when importing txt files, select the function of author, add the function of exporting articles as txt files, and add the function of regularly publishing and pushing to Baidu

V1.6.3 modify import, article abstract processing problem! (I'd like to make a joke about some topics written by the great gods. When calling the abstract, can you first judge whether there is a summary of the article!)

V1.6.2 correction of tag extraction error

V1.6.1 modify article import function

V1.6 add the function of batch transfer of articles

5. Add API trigger function in v1.5

V1.4    Online batch pseudo original, regular release logic

V1.3 add label batch processing function

V1.2 add {tag} {/ tag} package label form article import, add in txt import, set the status of the article after import, and publish time

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