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Zblog high end general enterprise theme

  • ID : themeolQyOne
  • edition : 1.7.1
  • author : Topic ol ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : http://www.themeol.com/
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-09-05 08:51:12   Update in March
  • amount of downloads : four hundred and thirty-four
  • Rating : The average score of 7 votes is 10 / 10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 3.69MB

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Theme ol high end general enterprise network theme (product type), subject ID is themeolQyOne In terms of design, it is simple, clean, exquisite and responsive (compatible with various terminals, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers), and can meet the needs of any enterprise official website in terms of function.

Demo site >>> Click to enter

When using, don't forget to click the address of the tutorial above to check it. If you don't understand or don't understand or don't set it, you can contact me directly QQ570827729 Consultation, usually from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. will be online. If you don't reply immediately, please wait patiently and reply as soon as you see the information.

Theme features of themeolqyone

1. Powerful custom function, almost all sections can be freely edited

2, theme custom color matching function, let you use what color you like!

3. The interface is fresh and atmospheric, compatible with various terminals

4. Feature search function. You can specify the search type, that is, you can specify to search only products or articles

5. The details are handled in place. The design of each page and the display effect of each element are unique

6. It has three kinds of classified page styles (product, article and picture) and two kinds of article detail page styles (product and article), making the website more formal, professional and rich

7. The special product slide function can make users get better use experience instantly!

8, powerful background configuration function, build station at will, more comfortable!

9. The special thumbnail clipping not only ensures the image quality, but also reduces the image volume! The key point is: this function is in the background of the server to cut the image, it has a very small impact on the speed of the first visit to the website foreground!

10. More highlights will not be discussed in detail. You will experience it after using it··················

Update log

V1.7.1 - big update

This version has been greatly updated. The home page, classification page (product classification, large picture list classification, news list classification), article page (product article, ordinary article page), sidebar and page foot have been optimized and beautified, and redundant codes in CSS and JS have been deleted. It is recommended to update!


1. The home page carousel picture calls independent pictures on PC and mobile phone respectively;


2. Under the navigation of classified pages, the general bar map calls independent pictures on PC and mobile phone respectively;


3. The general inner page navigation bar chart calls independent pictures on PC and mobile phone respectively;


4. The enterprise introduction chart on the home page calls the independent pictures on PC and mobile phone respectively;


5. Optimize the two-dimensional code style at the foot of the mobile phone to make it more beautiful on the mobile phone


6. Optimize the style of mobile phone product list, reduce the space between product articles, and make the style of mobile phone more beautiful.


1. Add theme custom color matching function (the original color matching has been criticized by many customers, now you can customize the theme color matching)! Some screenshots in the following configuration


2. Beautify the "three" shaped navigation menu open button on the mobile phone.

3. Fix a small problem in CSS style of column page background image.

2021-09-19  v1.6.8

1. Cancel the comment box and click the selected effect

2. Optimize the style of the cloud tag list in the sidebar

2021-06-22 v1.6.7 (non zblog1.7 users, please update after backup, or choose not to update)

1. Add: news list graphic style-- http://qy1.themeol.com/category-4.html

 Category page graph mode.png

2. Add: the left side bar switch on the inside page, that is, the sidebar can be left or right (the current demo site's inner page sidebar is in left mode)!

 Inside page left and right sidebar.png

3. Fix a code error in the theme configuration page

4. Fix the bug that search page paging rules are not compatible with zblog1.7

2021-04-22  v1.6.6:

1, new: the title format of the article page can be selected with or without a category name, because some customers want this, and some customers don't, so it can only be a switch


2. New: the image above the breadcrumb navigation on the classification page can be customized. This is also a function that some users want to leave a message. You can set it in "classification management" - > "category editing", and call the default picture if it is not set

3. Fix a small bug in CSS

2021-03-16  v1.6.5:

1. Added (customer demand): TDK function can be customized for tags

2. Modify the link to the home page only (previously the whole site link)

3. Modify the first picture on the front page of the news and information section, and recommend the article as an article


4. Fix a small bug

2020-12-03  v1.6.2:

1. Add (customer demand): wechat can be selected in the bottom navigation of mobile phone, that is, click Copy wechat. If it is not enabled, the default mobile phone number and SMS will be displayed, as shown in the following figure:

Background settings:

Display mobile phone number and send SMS by default

Display micro signal after opening 3.jpg

PS: this code is from Xinglan studio Wxkf plug-in

2020-11-23  v1.6.1:

1. New function: "independent page" can customize one or some pages not to be displayed in the navigation on the right bar, as shown in the following two pictures:

Background map

Front end diagram

2020-08-31  v1.6.0:

1. With the function of SEO, the order of main and sub headings can be set, as shown in the following figure:


2. Optimize several CSS style problems.

2020-07-29 v1.5.3:

1. Fix a small bug in the JS code in the lower sidebar.

2. Move the JS file of zblog system from footer.php to header.php.

2020-07-04 v1.5.2:

1. Optimize the CSS style of sidebar suspension, that is, the style of phone, QQ, wechat and back to top button in the sidebar. Before modification, if one of the two buttons "QQ and wechat" is removed, a blank area will appear. After modification, it is no problem to delete at will.

2020-06-23 v1.5.1:

1. Add the mouse over effect to the article list pictures of each page to make them look more cool.

2020-06-05 v1.5.0:

1. Improve the SEO function of independent page, experience address: View Source: http://qy1.themeol.com/?id=11 (after copying, the browser opens to see the title, keywords and description information)

2020-05-14 v1.4:

1. Add a beautiful 404 page at the request of customers. Experience address: http://qy1.themeol.com/?cate=3111

2020-04-23 v1.3:

1. Sort out the format of Title keywords and description, and add line breaks for SEO information,

2. Add the function of custom SEO title for article page and independent page

3. Changed the font size of news article titles. 22px always felt a little big, and changed it to 20px

2020-04-13 v1.2:

1. Fix the problem that all URLs of navigation 2 and 3 in the navigation of the page footers are the same (careless, the code is short of a number, my error, I'm sorry).

2020-03-29 v1.1:

1. It is compatible with the latest version of 1.6 system;

2. Fix an image CSS adaptive problem on the home page;

3. Modify a code error.

Home page description and display:

 Theme ol enterprise network template.jpg

Screenshots of theme background configuration:

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