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Moments Circle of Friends Theme

  • ID : Moments
  • edition : 1.4.1
  • author : Old John ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.556d.com/post/107.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.3 Finch
  • Update Date : 2024-02-08 12:18:12
  • amount of downloads : four hundred and eighteen
  • Scoring : The average score of 34 people voting is 9.74/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 4.43MB

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Moments is a private, light and social friend circle theme, which allows you to share life with friends and record good moments. The style is simple and fashionable, which is very suitable for people who like to share and record life.

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The theme provides all aspects of after-sales support for the purchasing user, only including the answer and repair of the theme's own questions. If you encounter any problems, Please don't give bad comments , feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you.

Thematic characteristics

Responsive, compatible with mainstream browsers

Friendly SEO, conforming to w3c standard

Support AJAX page turning and up and down page turning

Multi drawing, single drawing, no drawing, multi style layout

Global fancybox picture light box

DIY homepage/category menu highlighting

Support global customization and beautification of CSS

Physical address display of pure database

Iconfont font icon library

Support untitled dynamic/article publishing

Specify the display of classified content on the front page

Specify homepage/article menu customization

Upload the cover map of exclusive recommendation category

The number of content words controls the expansion and retraction

On/off of various data statistics of the station

Multi style layout can be freely selected and switched

Mobile end pull-down bottom suction menu function

Sorting and ascending/descending function of classified hot comments

Article page/category title function

Quick editing/deleting function of article page

Page delay picture lazy loading function

Label a Link inner link highlight function

Random browsing number function of article page

Customized article resource download function

Insert MP4 video/B station video function

Overload slow display delay animation function

Search for custom url pseudo static function

Global web page customization css function

Home page auto broadcast picture function

Comment expression/shortcut reply function

Article generation poster sharing function

Article album picture sliding function

Dark/Daylight/Transparent/Toggle Function

Define user authentication information function

PC/YD end advertising space configuration function

Global pop-up multi platform music playback

Home/Category/Pop up View Preview Article

Adapted to awesome user center plug-ins

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Suitable for websites

For example, you can create an article, picture, video, music, software, and mall. It all depends on what you think. It can almost satisfy you to build any type of niche website~

Update records

Version - 1.4.1 | 2024-2-8

Optimize the theme in many aspects and small details

Version - 1.4.0 | 2024-1-5

Incompatible optimization article table

Optimize pop-up content interaction logic

Optimize article software download function

Version - 1.3.9 | 2023-12-28

New classification software template

Upload new app icon

New classified software menu

Version - 1.3.8 | 2023-12-23

Optimize transparent mode to move layout switch/mode switch into preferences

The pop-up button of preview article will be hidden when the whole station pop-up button is opened

Optimize the pop-up menu bar on the left, click Highlight

Version - 1.3.7 | 2023-12-15

Optimize the ulr of the current browser's address bar that pops up as the content changes

Optimize relevant details and seamless height adaptation of all global pop-up pages

Add pop-up homepage/category/click comment to pop up article sliding comment area

New transparent mode configuration PC version/mobile version/default background image upload

New transparent mode configuration PC version/mobile version/default gradient color filling

New transparent background configuration picture/title/title/sorting/adding/modifying/deleting

Add transparent background configuration color/title/primary color/secondary color/sorting/add/modify/delete

Add transparent mode front end user click to switch picture background/color background

Add transparent mode, beautify settings, extend user-defined transparent css configuration item

New right content sliding automatically follows the left sidebar to improve user experience

Version - 1.3.6 | 2023-12-8

Optimize the handling of a large number of related details in transparent mode

Adapt neighbor template to quickly reply and fill in application information

The optimization comment input box allows dragging up and down to enlarge

Add Global Pop up Category Internal Menu Slide Follow

Add a pop-up calling code for global tag a (free calling)

Version - 1.3.5 | 2023-11-20

Add the pop-up classification of the whole station/the pop-up of the article and the pop-up of the return (free switch)

Added pop-up, added back to top and back to bottom functions, and interactive optimization

Optimize mobile terminal pop-up classification/article/related interaction logic (improve user experience)

Version - 1.3.4 | 2023-11-10

Optimize the details of comment Nogan and login to display user comment avatar+nickname

The problem that the optimized poster will get wrong pictures in some environments

Click the new global page to quickly pop up the preview article (fast and convenient)

New sidebar gadget pop-up music playback (support multi platform reference)

Version - 1.3.3 | 2023-10-29

Fix the misplacement problem of single column layout using multi column graphic layout selection

Version - 1.3.2 | 2023-10-20

Adapt paid articles to show the number of people who bought and paid( Depend on X User Center

Adapt to paid categories/paid articles/display purchase times( Depend on X User Center

Adapt to sidebar gadget promotion commission return/open member link entry( Depend on X User Center

Add a new menu bar, specify the classification ID, display small dots, highlight (customizable)

Add custom X days and number of popular articles in the left sidebar (switch supported)

Version - 1.3.1 | 2023-10-4

Adapt to classified paid articles/RMB/points/members/login/view all contents( Depend on X User Center

Adapt to click the pop-up layer login function( Depend on X User Center

Adapt to the default classification price display( Depend on X User Center

Introduction to Adding a New Default Classification (Customizable)

Add configuration item of avatar menu in the upper right corner after login (customizable)

Add a new sidebar gadget and put the mouse over it to display the introduction prompt

Fix the error reported in the tab display category menu

Version - 1.3.0 | 2023-9-28

Optimize the theme html, css, js, Norgan details

Version - 1.2.9 | 2023-9-23

Optimize article page download function related logic

Increase the switch of article page loading too slow display delay animation

Version - 1.2.8 | 2023-9-10

Optimize the js code for quick reply to article comments

Version -1.2.7 | 2023-8-21

Add the configuration of customized cover picture on the home page (free switching)

Newly added PC/YD end homepage article page advertising position configuration (free switch)

New Category Dynamic Template Menu Configuration Item

Optimize the menu configuration and leave it blank to automatically obtain the main sub categories (customizable)

Optimize the front end menu to display too many left and right sliding menus

The optimized page part does not adapt to the dark mode css style

Fix the error of 0 display of user homepage picture statistics

Version - 1.2.6 | 2023-8-14

Optimize article page comment reply shortcut

New article page comment emoticon package function

New article page poster sharing function

Adapted to article page/dynamic template/like/collect/reward( Depend on X User Center

Version - 1.2.5 | 2023-8-5

Add menu configuration item of classified image and text template

Click the new configuration item menu to automatically obtain the classification ID (fast and convenient)

New navigation menu is adapted to link module management (fast and convenient)

Add neighbor configuration, add, modify, delete, sort, upload

The rewritten neighbor template is adapted to the article content+comment function

Adapt authenticated user comments to display authentication icons and introductions

Optimize comment avatar to display user avatar first, otherwise QQ avatar

The content of the optimized article page is too little, and the blank area is displayed at the bottom

Optimize the problem of invalid video playback click after asynchronous loading and page turning

Compatible with PHP 8.2 and above error reporting, supporting PHP 8.2 version

Version - 1.2.4 | 2023-8-2

New article album click/slide to switch pictures (free switch)

Adapted to the dynamic layout classification template album function

Optimize the page width and make it easier to customize the size of the left and right sides

Version - 1.2.3 | 2023-7-28

The user name of the newly added dynamic layout opening member is highlighted( Depend on X User Center

Version - 1.2.2 | 2023-7-24

Add user authentication information, nickname+introduction+icon (customizable)

Version - 1.2.1 | 2023-7-13

Optimize the thumbnail calling mode of image and text layout

Prompt for error reporting caused by optimizing the label cover

Optimize css style adaptation of transparent mode

Version - 1.2.0 | 2023-7-10

New user personal homepage category menu settings (get user category content)

New classification page background cover map customization+classification introduction

New article page cover image can be customized

Remove the nickname signature of the avatar on the cover of the article page (displayed as empty)

Optimize the background cover of user's personal homepage avatar (Gaussian blur)

Version -1.1.9 | 2023-7-4

The new article page displays the author's picture+nickname+linked user's homepage

Add a new article page and quickly return to the previous page (click Back)

Optimize the classification of the displayed content on the article page

Add a new dynamic template, click the avatar to enter the user's home page

Rewrite the user's personal homepage to display the user's avatar+signature

Display abnormal expansion/retraction problems after optimization prohibits interception

Version -1.1.8 | 2023-6-27

Add minimalist text layout (switch freely)

Optimize js conflict and error reporting repair

Optimization article page favicon icon error

Rewritten 404 error page

Version -1.1.7 | 2023-6-25

Display user avatar and exit after new login (stay display)

Click the invalid problem repair in the optimization search box

Optimize the compatibility of the latest version of zb173

Optimize and adapt to multi-user personal home page

Version -1.1.6 | 2023-6-21

Optimize dynamic/single column/multi column/front end switching exception repair

Adapt to single column/multi column/graphic display of paid price( Depend on X User Center

Version -1.1.5 | 2023-6-20

Add QQ/VX shortcut contact information (click to pop up)

Add contact QR code image (upload supported)

Optimize the compatibility between transparent mode style and mobile terminal

Optimizing the display of multi column picture layout

Version -1.1.4 | 2023-6-17

New single column layout B (free switching)

New transparent mode (free switching)

New background image (upload supported)

New favicon.ico icon (upload supported)

Version -1.1.3 | 2023-6-14

Theme adaptation, X user center plug-in( Does not contain plug-ins

Home page classification page template adaptation, paid download, paid content, physical purchase( Depend on X User Center

PS: The theme itself does not depend on any plug-in, and whether it is available or not will not affect the use. Please know.

Version -1.1.2 | 2023-6-3

Optimize some functions of ios mobile terminal Click invalid error repair

Version - 1.1.1 | 2023-5-12

Add the selected text to beautify the default text/background/color

Add new articles published on the same day, date and time, color highlighted automatically

Optimize some CSS styles and html structures of mobile pages

Version -1.1.0 | 2023-5-4

New article page loading too slow display delay animation to improve visitor experience

Add the copied content of the global page, and a prompt box will pop up indicating that the copy is successful

Add a new dark mode/dynamic image/text/switch to pop up a warm prompt box

Optimize the problem of click automatic zoom in and zoom out of mobile comment input box

The second level of optimized comment is changed to the first level of reply, which is more suitable for mobile terminals

Optimize the bottom suction menu. The content of the article page is too little to display. Fix the problem

Version -1.0.9 | 2023-4-30

Add new articles, insert MP4 videos/B station videos (upload supported)

Rewrite title unnamed to function takeover (unnamed switch deleted)

New mobile terminal pull-down bottom display bottom suction menu (support switch)

Add and expand 22 topics with iconfont icons

Optimize backend/address/browse/bold/intercept/function logic

Version -1.0.8 | 2023-4-22

The updated quantity of the day is displayed in the upper right corner of the new menu bar

New article resource download has been added, and the article template has been adapted

Optimize quoted articles, h1-h5..... dark mode adaptation

Optimize and replace iconfont font icons in some parts of the page

Rewrite to load more page flipping and change to Ajax asynchronous loading (faster response)

Change the random browsing number of published articles to synchronous loading (customizable)

New home page users click to switch dynamic/graphic layout (refresh unchanged)

New category page, latest, hot comments, hot articles (ascending and descending in order)

Version -1.0.7 | 2023-4-16

New New Article Prohibit Intercept Content (Support Switch)

Add a new article Bold the title of the article (supports switching)

New articles refer to other articles at the bottom of the page

Adapted to the title function of article page/category page

Optimize image and text template menu bar, title Misjudgment

Version -1.0.6 | 2023-4-14

Auto location address of new article can be edited (blank is supported)

New homepage/single column/double column template of classified images and texts (free switching)

Beautify scroll bar, article page h1-h5, ordered and unordered list style

Add title+6 background colors and click to select (editing is supported)

Optimize background configuration, beautify settings, background color, 3 color selection boxes

Version -1.0.5 | 2023-4-7

New article page administrator visible quick edit/delete function

New article page tag a link automatic inner link highlighting (support switch)

New search page url pseudo static configuration settings (switches are supported)

Random browsing number of new article pages or user-defined (switch supported)

Optimize the interaction logic and css style of page part js code

Version -1.0.4 | 2023-4-2

Optimize article page tag # prefix display mode

Optimize the backend comment shortcut to split into an array

Optimized classified list thumbnail and highly adaptive content

Add the latest label recently created in the sidebar (supports switches)

The number of new home page/dynamic page/pictures exceeds 9 pictures

Version -1.0.3 | 2023-3-30

Add a comment and enter QQ to automatically obtain nickname+email

Add a comment shortcut, customize the content, click Reply

Number of new article page tags+custom tags

Select and switch the new single column/double column layout on PC side

Optimize SEO tag/category/page title display structure

Version -1.0.2 | 2023-3-28

Rewritten the left sidebar optimized compact code (original 1.34MB)

Add the left sidebar to get the latest user comments (support switch)

Add a loading progress bar at the top of the global page (supports switches)

New global page dark mode free switch (front-end switch)

Optimize the content of the article page too little to set off the bottom blank

Version -1.0.1 | 2023-3-27

Click the menu bar of the new mobile terminal to pop up

New/Home/Dynamic Page Click to view the full text

New/Homepage/Pagination Page Image Lazy Loading Function

The @ user reply function has been added to the optimization comments

Optimize the display of comment time by seconds, minutes, hours, days and years

The comment is adapted to display the IP address

Version -1.0.0 | 2023-3-20

The first version of Moments was officially launched and submitted

Hello, Z Blog related website has opened the real name system, please log in Bind your phone , and then make comments. Thank you for your support.

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