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AI text automatic summary description, automatic tag generation, can be used for SEO

  • ID : qzss_ autoseo
  • edition : 3.5.0
  • author : Thousand bamboo Shu Sheng ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website :
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-11-23 23:29:19
  • amount of downloads : one hundred and seventy-eight
  • Rating : The average score of 4 votes is 10 / 10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 502KB

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This should be ZB's strongest automatic summary, automatic tag plug-in

Automatically add according to the content of the article label abstract , you can add articles according to the label Keywords inner chain

Will continue to improve, please leave a message if you have any questions

At present, there are two operation modes of automatic generation

One is to manually generate the article editing interface, which is suitable for original authors.

The other is to automatically generate the article when submitting it. You only need to ensure that the label and abstract are empty, and the blank one can be generated. This is suitable for the collection stationmaster. When the articles are collected in batch, the generation of tags and abstracts can be automatically completed.

20221123 v3.5.0

Unfiltering is case sensitive

20221020 v3.4.2

Add when the article page is visited, automatically judge whether the article has a label or abstract, and automatically generate, this function has a switch.

20221019 v3.3.0

Add a limit on the number of total tags to prevent the system from being stuck due to too many tags generated automatically

20221014 v3.2.2

Add support for secondary directory site building

20221012 v3.1.2

Fix bugs in some cases where keyword exclusion fails

20221001 v3.1.0

Configuration item added Title Importance configuration, and words can be extracted from the title first

20221001 v3.0.0

Optimize content acquisition rules and strengthen the role of title

20220901 v2.9.4

Add default mask two possible error tags

20220825 v2.9.2
Optimize two possible errors caused by PHP version

Fixed a plug-in validation error

Improve a condition judgment of new function

20220825 v2.9.0
Optimize an error that may be caused by the PHP version
Fixed a plug-in validation error

20220824 v2.8.9
Fix an error caused by hand shaking

20220824 v2.8.8
Fixed a display exception due to unexpected code loss

20220823 v2.8.0

Refactoring part of the API code

Fix a possible bug

20220822 v2.6.1

Add tag filter configuration to avoid wrong tags
Add the shortest tag limit to filter the tags that are too short
Continue to optimize the process and enhance the processing efficiency again
Fix editor clean a bug with too long prompt character

20220821 v2.4.1

Fix a bug caused by debugging

20220821 v2.4.0

New editor interface to get the label and summary button, to avoid the occasional interface failure when publishing

20220820 v2.2.0

Optimize the function of the inner chain of the label, and increase the speed of the inner chain after optimization
Using better function and code to improve efficiency, the resources occupied by keyword inner chain function are almost ignored

20220819 v2.0.0

When the page has no content, filter out the summary generated by the system, that is, clear the summary
New article page tag inner chain function (SEO)
Add a general cache mechanism for the inner chain function to minimize the resource occupation and achieve high efficiency

20220817 v1.3.0

When the article is no text (pure picture, pure video, etc.), in order to avoid errors, this plug-in is not triggered.

20220810 v1.2.0

Add the function of closing the summary or label, that is, if the parameter is filled with 0, the item will not be processed

Optimize description text

20220806 v1.0.3

Delete a useless management file

Fix a bug that the plug-in is not enabled

20220805 v1.0.2

Optimize one parameter
Fix a logic error in automatic summary generation

20220731 v1.0.0

Basic version release




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