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  • edition : 2.4.3
  • author : Thousand bamboo Shu Sheng ( Author website )  Contact author
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  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-09-15 18:15:43
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Get apps

This method provides an effective way for developers to obtain the same token.

After development, please include this plug-in as dependency.

Note to ordinary users: unless a plug-in depends on this plug-in, the plug-in is useless for ordinary users.

Note: up to now, this plug-in is still a beta version, and some methods and schemes still need to be polished. At present, large version update does not ensure the data integrity. In short, each big version update may lead to the loss of historical data.

Update log:

20220915 v2.4.3

Add QQ interconnection configuration parameters

Optimize part of the code

20220913 v2.4.0

Transfer cache file directory, may damage old data, upgrade carefully
Add Alipay related configuration items
Add wechat payment merchant configuration item
Optimize configuration code
Optimization configuration page description view

20220902 v2.0.0

New string encryption and decryption function
Add a unified registration and login module for platform users
Add two default parameters
After the plug-in is enabled, the unified wechat token is enabled by default
Repair of a descriptive text typo
A description of the error repair logic
Change a generic function name

20220901 v1.8.1
Add new function description
Add a function to get user's wechat information

Fix a file bug

20220901 v1.6.0
Add to get bound wechat openid through UID
Add to get the bound uid through openid
Optimize user information acquisition mechanism

20220826 v1.4.0
New remote access token function
New remote access jsapi_ Ticket function
The above two functions are convenient for remote call verification and sharing of multiple websites with one public account, such as unified login and unified sharing authorization.

Optimize part of the code

20220730 v1.1.0
Add the current jsapi of the configuration page_ Ticket display
Add user QSS information_ get_ weixin_ userinfo_ by_ openid($openid, $info = null)
Repair a note text

New QZSS_ get_ weixin_ userinfo_ by_ Openid ($openid, $info = null) method is used to obtain the current user information of wechat

20220708 v1.0.2

This plug-in is provided free of charge. All developers are welcome to adapt

20220628 v1.0.1
Fix known bug
Increase judgment and suggestion
Real time token detection is added. If it is not configured or configured incorrectly, it will be prompted

Delete the platform project that has not been developed for the time being

20220625 v1.0.0
Basic version release
Complete the docking of wechat token and ticket


Hello visitor, the real name system has been opened on the relevant website of Z-blog. Please log in after Bind your phone Thank you for your support.

One line of code can be saved. Summary, efficiency is king! This is a growing developer. The plug-in developed by us has great potential. The initial price is low and there is great room for appreciation. Please contact wechat xy5108 for questions, suggestions, customized plug-ins and website problems, indicating the purpose of zblog +

Zblog Application Center - application purchase and use agreement

1. Before you purchase an app, you must first confirm whether the app meets your needs. Digital products do not support trial. According to Article 25 of the law on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, the app is a digital product downloaded online. Once it is downloaded and installed after purchase, it cannot be refunded.
2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license right of the application, the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account without the consent of the website and the application provider, No second release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc Otherwise we will Permanently close user account And reserve the right to continue to investigate the relevant responsibilities.
4 The website containing the app has been reselled, given, leased, etc., please use a new account to purchase the app or remove the app Otherwise, it will be regarded as a violation of the usage agreement and the right to use the account will be permanently cancelled.
5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include the relevant right to use and free update services, and the application center and application provider will not provide additional after-sales installation services.
6. The user shall bear all risks in using the application, including system damage, data loss and any other risks.
seven Users shall not be responsible for any improper use of the website.
8. The website and application provider reserves the right to change, limit, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without informing you and without assuming responsibility for you.

Purchase guide

1. Please go ahead Registered account number , and then Sign in Application Center.
2. Click "buy app" directly and follow the guide.

Download guide

1. The buyer logs in his / her Z-blog website, enters the background, and clicks "Application Center" menu in the left menu bar.
2. On the home page of "Application Center", log in with the registered account of application center.
3. Enter "my application warehouse", you can see the successfully purchased applications, and click "download" to download and install.

Other precautions

1. If you can't access the application center through your own website background, please purchase carefully, because this may lead to the application not being downloaded and installed smoothly.
2. If the paid app cannot be downloaded normally, please check the Z-blog and application update in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still can't download, please contact us in time.
3. When applying the update, it is possible to override the local settings. Please make a backup before updating.