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CDN Super Accessories_ Super file outer chain_ Distributed Object Storage_ Remote Picture - Thousand Bamboo Calligraphy

  • ID : qzss_ superfile
  • edition : 3.18.0
  • author : Thousand Bamboo Calligraphy Sheng ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website :
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2023-02-22 18:07:54   Updated within three months
  • amount of downloads : forty-two
  • Scoring : The average score of 8 people voting is 10/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 4.77MB

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A versatile external file storage management tool, which supports customized allocation of various formats, and infinitely increases the number of graph beds and remote file repositories.

It will be compatible with almost all map beds, cloud storage, FTP, online disks, etc.

At the same time, you can absolutely customize the compression and watermark of image types.

In short, the file can be automatically transferred to the corresponding storage server according to the uploaded file type (MimeType), and the corresponding external link can be obtained immediately after the file is uploaded. You can also upload the specified type of files to the corresponding space automatically when uploading attachments or pictures in the article and obtain the external link.

Currently supported: any API map bed, any FTP space, Alibaba Cloud OSS, Tencent Cloud COS, Qiniu Cloud Kodo, and Yupai Cloud storage. Please leave a message if you need more adaptations

Picture functions: Personalized compression settings Personalized Watermark Settings

The reason for this plug-in is that I have a project to use. Since I share it with you, I will continue to improve it, and I will seriously consider your suggestions. I don't like to ask you to spray (ask questions).

The following are some screenshots and update logs:

20230222 v3.18.0

To coordinate with the cloud storage and cloud processing function, add the url splicing parameter {urider}

20230221 v3.17.0

Optimize and shoot cloud synchronization to delete code

20230221 v3.16.0

Optimize and shoot cloud upload process code

20221001 v3.15.1

Fix the bug that the image watermark angle can only be 1-100

20220930 v3.15.0

Update support for heterogeneous mimetype

20220929 v3.14.2

Add file support when mime and suffix are not unified to prevent related function errors

Try to modify the file parsing method to improve the image parsing and prevent function errors

20220928 v3.13.0

Optimize the picture recognition process and solve the recognition problem when multiple mimetypes are parallel

20220917 v3.12.6

Fix a process error

Fix the bug reported by Qiniu Cloud when deleting files

Fix the bug caused by webp watermark naming error

20220916 v3.12.0

Modify the default configuration to a unified map bed configuration, and update the free default map bed configuration

Fix the missing configuration of Qiniu Cloud upload directory

20220915 v3.10.2

Modify a picture judgment rule

Increase the compatibility of some servers

Modify some default parameters to avoid errors caused by some initial configurations

20220907 v3.9.99

Fix a possible error in a higher version of php8

20220906 v3.9.9
Fix one instruction text error
Fix an incorrect configuration item
Fix a bug in Tencent's cloud directory configuration

20220819 v3.9.8

MimeType configuration box in optimizing background API settings
Fix webp watermark support
Fix webp compression support
The default mode of compression and watermark is turned off
Description of added parts

20220729 3.9.2

Multiple function BUG

20220726 3.9.1

Find a bug that may conflict with other plug-ins and cause incorrect file suffixes and fix it

20220725 3.9.0

New API/FTP/various cloud storage synchronous deletion function
New configuration item update logic during optimization update
Reject a general item invalid configuration
The newly added mimetype supports batch configuration using | as the spacer to unify the storage space

20220725 3.0.4

Fix a bug that causes background settings to fail to submit

Fix a bug that caused the watermark setting page to be wrong

I changed an app name by the way

20220719 3.0.1

Fix a bug that Alibaba Cloud cannot return correctly

20220716 3.0.0

Clear some unnecessary files to reduce the volume, and try to prevent the Application Center file from being too large to download
Add personalized image watermark function
Judgment on optimizing the compression and storage mode of customized pictures
Optimize the image compression part code
Cancel the watermark item in the api settings, and directly set the watermark corresponding to the mimetype in the image watermark

Watermark font is obtained online as required and stored in cache/font after obtaining

Change the plug-in price strategy and increase the price with the update

20220630 2.0.1

Clear some unnecessary files to reduce the volume, and try to prevent the application center file from being too large to download

20220630 2.0.0

Add personalized image compression settings

Optimize part of code structure to improve efficiency

20220628 1.4.0

New cloud capture support
Optimize attachment management page
Text related to optimization description introduction

20220628 1.3.1

Supplement Alibaba Cloud configuration items

20220625 1.3.0

1. Optimize some code to improve efficiency.
2. Added Qiniu cloud storage kodo support.
3. Re layout the documentation.
4. MimeType is changed to manual input, which can be filled in more widely.
5. Add AliCloud storage OSS support.

20220624 1.2.0
1. Added Tencent cloud storage COS support.
2. Optimization configuration description text.

3. The Keep Source File option button does not display problems when fixing new items.

20220623 1.1.0

1. Optimize the attachment management page.
2. The name column of the attachment management page is changed to preview, and the optimized image type display is effective. The original image=>remote image.
3. Cancel the restriction on api address input.
4. Added FTP file upload support.
5. Cancel the server source file saving settings in general settings, and change to independent settings for each configuration item.
6. Complete the configuration description.
7. Optimize the configuration item traversal code during upload, and terminate in time after successful upload to avoid errors and unnecessary resource consumption.

20220623 v1.0.1

Add more possible file types

20220623 v1.0.0

Basic version release





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