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APP registration without feeling/automatic login

  • ID : qzss_ autologin
  • edition : 3.2.2
  • author : Thousand Bamboo Calligraphy Sheng ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website :
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2022-09-15 16:33:55   Updated within one year
  • amount of downloads : twelve
  • Scoring : The average score of 7 people voting is 10/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 576KB

Please login

Write in the front: Xiaobai is not recommended to buy this app. If there is a need, please read the instructions first.

Realize automatic registration/login in WeChat, Alipay, Tiaoyin, Fasthand, Weibo, Feishu and other apps.


1. The purpose of this plug-in is to enable users to automatically register and log in without feeling when they visit the page in the corresponding APP. The registration and login interface is not provided for the time being (to be supplemented incrementally after the functions of each platform are improved, or it is recommended to use other login plug-ins to supplement).

2. At present, this plug-in only has the login function. If user management is required, it is recommended to use other user management plug-ins to supplement it.

3. The automatic login function of each platform requires the webmaster to have a corresponding open platform account (both for individuals and enterprises), create corresponding applications, and obtain authorization information before use. For details, see the operating instructions on the setting page.

4. The reason for the development of this plug-in is the need of personal project development, and then it will be shared with everyone, and it will continue to improve. Of course, the price may also change with each update. The webmaster friends should be careful.

5. Before placing an order, it is recommended to check the comment area of this plug-in first. Maybe there are problems you care about or haven't found.

6、 The photos are friends. Welcome to leave a message for communication. If you don't like it, please spray gently.

The purpose of this plug-in development is to facilitate the automatic login of users during the distribution process of the page, help the website to obtain public information such as user open ID, enhance interaction, and prohibit illegal use.

Update log:

20220915 v3.2.2

Repair a small bug

20220907 v3.2.1
Due to the latest rules of WeChat, clicking links on non-public accounts requires manual authorization, which may lead to authorization failure and failure to log in.

Adding WeChat imperceptible second login option can also achieve second, but it is temporarily unable to obtain user's avatar, nickname, etc., which can be obtained later when actual demand.

Repair a manual error

20220904 v3.0.1

Add error message of login failure on WeChat for debugging and repair

20220902 v3.0.0
Change the data storage mode with the latest version of the Unified Token plug-in to improve efficiency.
Description of optimization part
Optimize the user management page with the latest version of Unified Token plug-in to unify user management

Ps: This version is a major update. Old users should update it carefully. If you do not need to keep the original data, you can completely uninstall the plug-in and install the latest version. If you want to keep the original data, you can update it and click the background to import the old bound data.

This update changes a lot and may generate unknown BUGs!

20220831 2.3.2

Repair the bug reported by the binding page when no platform account is currently bound

20220730 2.3.1

Add qzss_ autologin_ weixin_ getopenid_ by_ The uid() function is used to obtain the user openid with other plug-ins
Modify the plugin title slightly

20220616 2.2.0

1. Increase mobile terminal judgment to improve efficiency.

2. The PC terminal adds the post login comment function.


3. The login function of the above 2 uses scanning code to login, and the corresponding APP scanning code can realize synchronous login of mobile phone and PC.

20220618 2.2.1
1. Modify two possible conflicting js method names.
2. Adjust the login rotation JS to all pages for the convenience of other plug-ins.

20220613 2.1.0
1. Optimize platform setting data saving code
2. Completely delete the initialization configuration function (it is found that this function is meaningless in practice, and it is to simplify the code. If it is necessary to consider adding it later)
3. Fix a closure problem with the explanatory text<li>
4. Add Weibo support, but it is only in the testing stage

20220612 2.0.0
1. Supplement the document callback address and optimize the description text style.
2. Delete extra files.
3. This version has been added to support dithering APP (currently supported platforms include WeChat, QQ/Tim, Alipay, dithering, and Fasthand)

20220611 1.6.0

1. Delete the meaningless initialization setting page.
2. Optimize unbinding and delete the prompt information after the user clicks the button.
3. Reconstruct the code surface structure of background pages, and delete redundant pages after integration.
4. Simplify and optimize some functions.

20220610 1.1.0

Change the description page to the general page

Add one button to clear data, which can clear and uninstall this plug-in

Fix some bugs

20220610 1.0

Basic version release

The current version supports: WeChat, QQ/Tim, Alipay, Fasthand

Hello, Z Blog related website has opened the real name system, please log in Bind your phone , and then make comments. Thank you for your support.

Personal code style: concise, one line at a time, avoid useless variables, and save server resources. In conclusion, efficiency is king! This is a growing developer. The plug-in developed has great potential. The initial price is low and there is great room for appreciation. Please contact WeChat xy5108 with questions, suggestions, customized plug-ins and website problems, and indicate the purpose of zblog+

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Purchasing Guide

1. Please first Registered account , and Sign in Application Center.
2. Directly click "Buy App" and follow the instructions.

Download Guide

1. The buyer logs in on his Z-Blog website, enters the background, and clicks the "Application Center" menu on the left menu bar.
2. On the home page of the "Application Center", log in using the application center registration account.
3. Enter "My Application Warehouse" to see the successfully purchased applications. Click "Download" to download and install them.

Other precautions

1. If you cannot normally access the application center through the background of your own website, please purchase carefully, because this may cause the application to fail to download and install smoothly.
2. If the paid application cannot be downloaded normally, please check Z-Blog and application updates in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still cannot download, please contact us in time.
3. The local settings may be overwritten when the update is applied. Please make a backup before the update.