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I was often asked how to add a website logo and wrote a dry article about it, but I still met some new webmasters who did not know how to start; Some themes have the function of setting station signs, but there is a disadvantage that switching themes will disappear. For these reasons, this plug-in is specially made, It is convenient for everyone to add and change the site logo at any time, not affected by the switching theme At the same time, it supports the setting of IOS home screen icons. In addition, in theory, the plug-in can also add other codes to the public header of the website.


v1.2 : One time cumulative update, greatly optimizing plug-in setting details;


V1.1: Enhance the prompt of settings that have not been uploaded and saved, and try to eliminate the ineffective phenomenon of new upload icons;

What is a station sign? Look at the picture and you will understand

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All my works will be updated irregularly, and the application update cycle that has become mature and stable may be longer;
The finished product application has the characteristics of popularity, and its functions are relatively fixed, which are more suitable for conventional situations. It is generally recommended to customize the implementation for personal special needs;
Unless otherwise specified, my works do not rely on additional plug-ins by default (except for the application center), and the recommended supporting plug-ins are generally to achieve more functions and can be freely selected;
Unless otherwise specified, most of my works use the jQuery library, and the front-end class plug-ins that have not been modified may not be used in PJAX and MIP special scenarios;
Considering the length and reading experience, some application version updates may slightly write logs, especially for minor adjustments in specific situations;
For the need of intellectual property protection, some of my works will be encrypted in the application center (core program files), which will not affect the editing of template files, and you can ask if necessary;
For the protection of users' rights and interests, some of my works may prohibit the export function in developer mode, which will not affect the normal use, and you can ask if necessary;

The application center currently only supports Alipay, if necessary WeChat Or QQ wallet payment, click the link below to purchase
[Author's official website collection] After payment, the author adds the order to the application center. Other operations are the same as self-service purchase

Communication initiatives

QQ is a good thing. You can chat in real time without delay. You don't need to add friends. Click the QQ icon on the right side of the application author's name to start;
To deal with the code straight man behind the Z-Blog application, it is recommended to use techniques such as respect and politeness. Aggressiveness is easy to cause misunderstanding;
For the application of finished products, problems beyond the outline, extra demands, and excessive entanglement tend to lead to the lack of patience of straight men, and empathy can gain more respect;
Experience tells us that many contradictions originate from what you think is different from what I think. I hope everyone can communicate more in advance and complain less afterwards;

Novice Tutorial

ZBlog tutorial: Tips on purchasing, downloading and enabling paid applications
ZBlog tutorial: ZBlogPHP basic settings and background management
The latest tutorial of ZblogPHP pseudo static setting method



ZBLOG Application Center - Application Purchase and Use Agreement

1. Before purchasing an app, you need to confirm whether the app meets your needs. Digital products do not support trial. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Law, the app is a digital product downloaded online and cannot be refunded once it is downloaded and installed after purchase.
2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license of the application, and the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website and the application provider, No secondary release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc , otherwise we will Permanently close the user account And reserves the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.
4. If The website containing the application is resold or given away, leased, etc. Please purchase the application with a new account or remove the application Otherwise, it will be deemed as violating the use agreement and permanently canceling the right to use the account.
5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include relevant use rights and free update services, and the application center and application provider do not provide additional after-sales installation and other services.
6. The risks in your use of the application are entirely borne by the user, including system damage, data loss and any other risks.
seven Users shall not use this app to engage in any behavior that violates laws, regulations and social public order and good customs in any way. Users must bear all legal responsibilities for the possible consequences of their improper use, and the website and application provider will not bear any responsibility.
eight If the application provider and the website find that the user installs the application on illegal websites such as pornography, gambling, drugs and fraud, they will stop the user's use rights and services, and report the user's illegal information to the network supervision department.
9. The website and application providers reserve the right to change, restrict, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without notifying you and assuming no responsibility for you.

Purchasing Guide

1. Please first Registered account , and Sign in Application Center.
2. Directly click "Buy App" and follow the instructions.

Download Guide

1. The buyer logs in on his Z-Blog website, enters the background, and clicks the "Application Center" menu on the left menu bar.
2. On the home page of the "Application Center", log in using the application center registration account.
3. Enter "My Application Warehouse" to see the successfully purchased applications. Click "Download" to download and install them.

Other precautions

1. If you cannot normally access the application center through the background of your own website, please purchase carefully, because this may cause the application to fail to download and install smoothly.
2. If the paid application cannot be downloaded normally, please check Z-Blog and application updates in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still cannot download, please contact us in time.
3. The local settings may be overwritten when the update is applied. Please make a backup before the update.