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Download theme of Tianxing studio app

  • ID : tx_ app
  • edition : 4.4.0
  • author : Tianxing studio ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.txcstx.com/post/1247.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-09-23 20:46:08
  • amount of downloads : one thousand one hundred and eighty-eight
  • Rating : The average score of 18 votes was 9 / 10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.50MB

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This is a zblog download station theme produced by Tianxing studio, which is suitable for APP / software / game download station.

Theme update:

2022-09-23: Replace the plug-in of theme adaptation user center. Please do not update old users who have member data! Optimize the function of some topics; Optimize the display of mobile phone of home page;


2022-07-28: add go jump download address encryption to prevent batch collection; Add information picture article page to bind the specified app article;


2022-04-15: a bug left over from the previous version was urgently fixed;


2022-04-13: compatible with the latest version of versatile user plug-in; The topic function has its own optimization part; Optimize the theme background configuration interface;


2022-01-10: fixed a bug under a specific condition;


2021-12-04: fixed a strange bug; Continue to clear some old functions under 1.7;


2021-11-21: remove the compatible code for the version below 1.7, users who have not upgraded to 1.7, please do not update it!!! Add no download button when there is no download link;


2021-08-05: ZBP program has not been upgraded to version 1.7 users, please do not update; Data call code optimization; Optimize the thematic page data call [change to 1.7 built-in function]; Optimize the display of mobile phone;


2021-05-18: add the function of calling zblog1.7 with compressed thumbnail [1.7 turn on the switch in user theme configuration]; Fix known user feedback problems;


May 3, 2020: repair the failure of online sharing switch; Upgrade "lightgallery" to the latest version;


2020-04-02: fix the problem of wrong report of slides in some cases; Change the online sharing to "share. JS"; Add custom module and switch for online sharing;


2020-01-14: fix the error reported by new users when they open the slide configuration page; Optimize the theme operation logic configuration;


2020-01-03: optimize function name to avoid conflict; Increase slide sorting;


2020-12-30: fix some advertisement code overflow problems on mobile phone end; Security verification is added to the background theme configuration page; Compress CSS and JS files;


2020-12-08: fix the display error of QR code generated by download link again (heavy fog;


December 1, 2020: fix the display error of QR code generated by download link;


2020-12 mobile phone ads; Adjust the download prompt to click the download button to pop up the prompt box; Adjust the TDK logic of the theme; Add the title of the front page article to display the edit shortcut link after the administrator logs in + the copyright description at the bottom of the article; Optimize the function of the topic;


October 09, 2020: add download address go.php jump switch; Optimize the function of the topic; Optimize the theme background configuration interface;


September 18, 2020: fix the remaining problems of the feedback module added in the previous version; Fix known user feedback problems;


September 12, 2020: add the popular ranking in the right column, and you can customize the articles; When the feedback module fails to download, the user can click the download button;


2020-07-20: This upgrade has changed a lot. Old users should upgrade carefully (pay attention to backup before upgrading, and images such as logo need to be uploaded again).

1. Background theme configuration interface has been upgraded;

2. Add home page recommended articles, which can be called by user;

3. Add the first page call category to customize the call logic (the latest, popular, hot comments and custom article id four options);

4. Optimize the homepage information style call, old users need to re select;

5. Fix known user feedback problems;


07-2020: dark logic optimization mode; Optimize home page CMS module call( Old user upgrade needs to be reset! ); Optimize the first page module dislocation under some resolutions; Fix known user feedback problems;


June 21, 2020: add dark mode (manual switch or automatic switch within specified time can be set); Optimize the front page slide configuration; Fix known user feedback problems;


2020-05-09: add batch module mailbox and website display switch; Add custom comment box prompt; Add switch style to Article a; Add 5 apps at the bottom of the latest article on the front page to call user-defined articles; Fix known user feedback problems;


April 18, 2020: upgrade to support the latest zblogphp version 1.6; Fix known user feedback problems;


March 21, 2020: add theme self sharing (support for HTTPS), like (need to install plug-in) and collection (install member plug-in); Fix points purchase error (need to go to git to download and install the latest version of member plug-in); Fix known user feedback problems;


More updates from March 2020 to October 2020

Add member center + resource charging function. The compatible member center has been open source and free to download. Please refer to the tutorial link in the background theme configuration for download method;


Add a single text list style:


Fix known customer feedback issues;


2020-02-27: optimize some call problems caused by too many sub classification levels; Optimize the article page tag display; Add download address and jump through go. PHP file; Fix known customer feedback issues;

01-01 of the first page of the dislocation repair module; Fix known customer feedback issues;

2019-11-29: modify 404 page of the theme; Add the custom height of APP screenshots; Continue to repair the problem that the home page reported errors in some environments; Fix known customer feedback issues;

November 4, 2019: add the date of publishing articles in red on the home page; Fix errors reported in some environments;

Add four custom colors on January 1, 2019; Fix known customer feedback issues;

October 14, 2019: fix the logic error of calling the homepage ranking module; Add the first page ranking module, which can be customized to call the specified article function;

September 22, 2019: optimize the mobile terminal style; Optimize the classification logic of category display;

September 11, 2019: the QR code of APP download is automatically generated by the theme, without background upload;

September 10, 2019: add mobile browsing QR code module switch; Adding a topic can call the specified article; Fix known customer feedback issues;

August 27, 2019: fix the problem that online sharing does not display on some pages; The latest article category can be added by calling the first page of the article; Optimize the display style of picture content page; Fix known customer feedback issues;

August 17, 2019: fix redundant code error in search page; Optimize the recommendation module of picture content page; Add the relevant picture module of the topic page;

August 05, 2019: fix some display errors on the mobile phone; Several topic functions are optimized; Customer feedback to fix known problems;

July 27, 2019: fixed the error of the mobile phone end of the home page slide; Fix theme color error; Fix known customer feedback issues;

Theme features:

1. Adaptive + custom color matching;

2. There are four types of pages: app download, information, pictures and topics;

3. Building block layout on the home page, the number of options + style options, you can build your own personalized home page interface at will;

4. Built in 8 advertising space + home page can be unlimited to increase advertising space + calling the system sidebar can be unlimited to increase advertising space. The download station that depends on advertisement survival has so many advertisement places

5. The topic built-in classification display article quantity custom function;

6. The user-defined fields are as follows:


7. The theme has built-in function of automatically generating page QR code. In addition, downloading QR code can be customized and uploaded in the background (see the figure above);

For more features, please check out the demo station experience.

Theme demo address:


Mobile phone can scan code directly


Screenshot of theme demonstration:

Screenshot of the front page:


Background screenshot of theme configuration:


Screenshot of background classification settings:


Hello visitor, the real name system has been opened on the relevant website of Z-blog. Please log in after Bind your phone Thank you for your support.

Tianxing Studio: www.txcstx.com Undertake zblog template customization / imitation station, dedecms template customization / imitation station and other services. This site provides the latest zblog enterprise template download. Good template for search engine friendly, easy to site included, SEO optimization. Contact QQ: one billion one hundred and nine million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand nine hundred and eighteen

Zblog Application Center - application purchase and use agreement

1. Before you purchase an app, you must first confirm whether the app meets your needs. Digital products do not support trial. Article 25 of the law can not be used to protect the rights and interests of consumers after downloading digital goods.
2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license right of the application, the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account without the consent of the website and the application provider, No second release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc Otherwise we will Permanently close user account And reserve the right to continue to investigate the relevant responsibilities.
4 The website containing the app has been reselled, given, leased, etc., please use a new account to purchase the app or remove the app Otherwise, it will be regarded as a violation of the usage agreement and the right to use the account will be permanently cancelled.
5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include the relevant right to use and free update services, and the application center and application provider will not provide additional after-sales installation services.
6. The user shall bear all risks in using the application, including system damage, data loss and any other risks.
seven Users are not allowed to use the app in any way to engage in acts in violation of laws and regulations and social public order and good customs. Users must be fully responsible for the consequences of their improper use, and neither the website nor the application provider shall bear any responsibility.
8. The website and application provider reserves the right to change, limit, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without informing you and without assuming responsibility for you.

Purchase guide

First, please Registered account number , and then Sign in Application Center.
2. Click "buy app" directly and follow the guide.

Download guide

On the left side of the "home page" menu, click on "blog" on the left side to enter the "blog" menu.
2. On the home page of "Application Center", log in with the registered account of application center.
3. Enter "my application warehouse", you can see the successfully purchased applications, and click "download" to download and install.

Other precautions

1. If you can't access the application center through your own website background, please purchase carefully, because this may lead to the application not being downloaded and installed smoothly.
2. If the paid app cannot be downloaded normally, please check the Z-blog and application update in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still can't download, please contact us in time.
3. When applying the update, it is possible to override the local settings. Please make a backup before updating.