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Watch information (three column topic)

  • ID : viewlee
  • edition : 2.7.9
  • author : Li Yang's Blog ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.liblog.cn/blog/413.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2024-03-21 17:35:58   Updated within three months
  • amount of downloads : two hundred and sixty-seven
  • Scoring : The average score of 4 people voting is 7.75/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 3.91MB

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With regard to individual website building, every novice or old webmaster has his own ideas and unique aesthetics. As a developer, he cannot be independent and build a website completely according to his own style and habits. Therefore, we should be balanced, good at listening, and find the uniqueness of each theme template to inspire ourselves, To design a theme blog template that truly meets the public's aesthetic standards, of course, this cannot be done overnight. It must be accumulated over time. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day!

Theme function settings:

PC end and mobile end adopt unknown calling module, The rules are as follows:

The PC terminal adopts the default navigation bar module:


Mobile terminal adopts website classification module:


If you want to modify the navigation content, please refer to the above pictures and modules before setting.

Writing method of secondary menu:

 <li class="menu-item-has-children"> <a href="/">First level menu</a>     <ul class="dropdown-menu sub-menu"> <li><a href="/">Secondary menu</a></li> <li><a href="/">Secondary menu</a></li> <li><a href="/">Secondary menu</a></li>     </ul> </li>

Theme sidebar settings:

Call from homepage sidebar“ Default Sidebar ”,

Article page sidebar call“ Sidebar 3 ”,

List and other pages adopt“ Sidebar 2 ”,

Module management , drag it to the corresponding module.

The article data called by the topic sidebar, Adopt caching mechanism , including, Article recommendation, hot review article, recently published, popular article, popular label After the theme is enabled, a new cache folder will be automatically created, which contains the corresponding article data. If the theme is used for the first time or the theme setting is modified, and the content of the sidebar has not changed, please follow the steps below: (The cache file needs to be regenerated after the content of the sidebar is modified)

1. Re edit any article without modification and submit it (generate cache file).

2. Comment on any article at will (generate cache data), and do not want to delete the comment.

Then go back to the home page and refresh.

Caching mechanism can reduce the number of database requests and speed up the opening of websites.

Baidu sharing code:

If you place Baidu sharing code, it is invalid , check whether HTTPS is enabled on the website, and if so, please Refer to this article , reset Baidu sharing code: Baidu shares an image text tutorial that supports https

Because Baidu's sharing code is not connected to https at present, it cannot be displayed. After operating according to the above method, it can be displayed normally.

Screenshot of background functions:

 Theme configuration.jpg

Appearance settings:

 Appearance Settings.jpg

Because the theme template is simple, the settings are simple and there are no complex choices. There is a special technical after-sales group for the theme. After purchase, contact the blogger to join the group. If there is a problem, we will study it together. If there is a good suggestion, we will be informed in time. Your requirements are my needs!!! You can go to the demonstration station to check the specific functions (some functions of the demonstration station may be different, because the site has multiple templates, some data may conflict, and it is not a topic bug)

Home page preview:

 Make great efforts to create the first three column theme template - watch information "ViewLee". png

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