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  • ID : Jz52_ylz
  • edition : 1.0.8
  • author : Lao Li next door ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://zbp.cool/post/112.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2024-04-20 10:51:23
  • amount of downloads : ninety-three
  • Scoring : The average score of 0 people voting is 0/10
  • PHP version : 5.5 and higher
  • size : 2.83MB

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Anonymous (can't think of a name) science and technology blog theme, simple, fresh and generous, suitable for all kinds of websites.

 Unknown Technology 1.jpg

Theme features:

✔️ Simple and generous style

✔️ Article Directory Index

✔️ Article Page Left Toolbar

✔️ Immersion reading mode

✔️ Friendly SEO

✔️ Insert personalized CLASS (low configuration template pseudo original)

✔️ Search pseudo static

✔️ Label SEO optimization

✔️ ZBP1.7 native thumbnail

✔️ The article list has a random cover, and the pictures in the folder will be read automatically if there is no picture

✔️ Dark mode, timed, default

✔️ Multiple advertising spaces and differentiated mobile computers

✔️ Head beautification

✔️ Alipay WeChat appreciation

✔️ The article copyright statement supports ordinary and original, and supports variables

✔️ With multiple sidebar modules

✔️ Picture carousel

✔️ poster

✔️ give the thumbs-up

✔️ share

✔️ Message ip location display

✔️ Adapt to InkStart Z-Blog user center plug-in (the theme itself does not include the user center)

✔️ Better compatibility with various user center plug-ins can be set in the background

✔️ Submission button (only button link, no submission function)

✔️ Multiple page number loading methods (normal pagination manual automatic), the next page can be loaded indefinitely


Buy must see:

⚠️ Please check the application introduction carefully to confirm whether the application meets your use needs

⚠️ Please explain the problem directly before sales contact. Don't ask meaningless questions such as "Are you here?".

⚠️ After sales contact, please provide the order number. Please explain the reason for adding friends, and provide the order number for priority processing.

⚠️ In principle, after-sales service only includes the right to use the theme and subsequent free updates.

⚠️ Customer service online time is not a legal holiday Monday Friday 8:30-17:30 Please leave a message or submit a work order at other times

Theme presentation:

Click here to view the demo video

More applications:

Click here to view more applications of developers     Click here to join the ZBLOG website building exchange group (verification: zblog)     About Lao Li next door

Picture demonstration:

Home screenshot:

 FireShot Capture-113 --- Theme Demo Station - Extreme Space Time Theme Demo --- 127.0.0.jpg

Night mode:

 FireShot Capture 118 --- Theme Demo Station --- Extreme Space Time Theme Demo --- 127.0.0.jpg

Category screenshots:

 FireShot Capture-120 --- Theme Demonstration Station - Car and Travel --- 127.0.0.jpg

Screenshot of the article:

 FireShot Capture 119 --- Theme Demo Station - Can Cook prove himself with the market value of 3 trillion yuan--- 127.0.0.jpg

Reading mode:

 FireShot Capture 121 --- Theme Demo Station - New Consumption 2022: Refine products inward and build channels outward --- 127.0.0.jpg

Mobile version:

 FireShot Capture 115 - Theme Demo Station - Extreme Space Time Theme Demo -

Background settings:

 FireShot Capture 122 --- Theme Demo Station --- Theme Configuration --- 127.0.0.jpg

Update History:


Repairing the mobile logo is not clickable


The description of a station master is modified


Rotation icon title can be left blank


Bug fix


Repair the missing switch theme configuration

Optimization verification

Optimize the bottom ico icon css


Repair ordinary paging dislocation

Fix the dislocation of some adaptive icons

Repair the missing switch theme configuration

Add a random article module



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