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Tianxing Studio Q&A Theme

  • ID : tx_ ask
  • edition : 4.2.0
  • author : Tianxing Studio ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.txcstx.com/post/1233.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.2 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2023-02-03 13:09:48
  • amount of downloads : five hundred and seven
  • Scoring : The average score of 24 people voting is 9.79/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.48MB

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The zblog Q&A template of Tianxing Studio has been launched! The characteristics of this template are as follows:

1. With its own visitor question function, visitors can directly submit questions online without registering;

2. Compatible with the member center plug-in, the installation of the member plug-in can set only registered members to ask questions and only registered members to answer;

3. With the email reminder function, the administrator will receive a question submission notice, the questioner can receive a reply notice, and the respondent can receive a comment notice;

4. With the like function, it supports comments and steps;

5. Adaptive;

6. With the basic SEO function, all pages can be customized TDK;

7. Support user-defined page background color and lighting color;

8. The theme comes with two page styles, one is pure question and answer, the other is similar to Zhihu; Background switch control;

9. The theme has its own personal page for members;

10. The registration, login, collection, password recovery and other pages of the theme compatible member plug-in will be automatically matched after the member plug-in is installed.

Note: The user center plug-in needs to be purchased separately for the member function.

Theme demonstration address:

PC side: https://ask.txcstx.cn

Scan code directly on mobile phone:


Topic upgrade record:

2023-01-03: optimize the right column to follow js; Optimize background uploading pictures; Optimize some topic functions;


2022-12-03: Add login user's answer to upload pictures and reply to emoticons; Repair the failure of status setting after the release of tourists' questions; Fix the misplaced thumbnail;


2022-11-24: fix the comment submission failure caused by the previous version upgrade; Optimization part js;


2022-10-20: This update is large, replacing the member center plug-in that the theme depends on. Old users please upgrade carefully!

1. Replace the theme dependent member plug-in with the "Tianxing User Center" plug-in;

2. The email notification function is changed from built-in to relying on the "Tianxing Email Notification" plug-in;

3. The css and js files have been adjusted and optimized significantly;

4. Optimize some topics' built-in functions;

5. Rewriting the data interaction of submission comments and adoption of answers;

6. Increase the number of question description words on the question and answer article page to limit customization or directly display the full text of the question;

7. Add the style of question and answer list, and add the display of user-defined avatar and number of answers;

8. Fixed known user feedback issues;


2022-03-22: fix the problem that thumbnails are not displayed due to optimization functions in the previous version;


2022-03-01: Fixed incompatibility with the latest version of the user center plug-in; Optimized the js file;


Update 2022-01-08: Users who are no longer compatible with versions below zb1.7 and whose zb program has not been upgraded to 1.7 should not upgrade the theme; The new method of replacing some optimized functions with 1.7;


Update 2021-08-04: Fixed some page pagination errors under the latest Zbp1.7; Optimize the member center page; Some topics' own functions are optimized; Optimize the logic of creating new data fields with the theme; PS: This update is only available for users above 1.7. Users below 1.7 should not update;


Update 2021-06-18: fix the comment email notification function [please go to the background theme configuration email settings to turn on the corresponding switch];


Update 2021-05-24: delete tourist contributions and add question tag items [because it will not take effect]; Add the function of compressing thumbnails in zblog1.7 [1.7 Enable the switch in user theme configuration]


Update 2021-05-15: fixed the problem of setting the invalid status of user submitted articles;


Update 2021-02-17: fix the invalid time setting error of dark mode; Fix known user feedback problems;


Update 2021-01-29: add security verification for theme configuration; Optimize the theme configuration interface; Fix the navcate function name conflict; Fix the css call error on the registration login page;


Updated from December 7, 2020: optimization theme comes with tdk display logic; Adjust the background theme configuration interface [Please backup the logo file before upgrading old users]; Compress css and js resources; Fix known user feedback problems;


Update on July 24, 2020: modify the calling logic of anonymous submission interface; Modified the link of anonymous submission page; Optimize the selection of submission classification; Add the selection of submission article status;


Updated on July 9, 2020: optimize and improve the dark mode; Fix the misplacement of the right fixed scroll sidebar in some cases; Modify the article list link to open a new window;


Update 2020-06-19: add the dark mode, which can be manually switched on in the foreground or set a fixed time to turn on in the background; Add the underline switch of article content link; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Update 2020-05-26: add flash slide on the home page; Adding administrators can cancel satisfactory answers; Fixed some user feedback problems;



Update 2020-04-05: support the latest zblogphp1.6; Fix the call logic error of the question to be answered on the home page; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Update on March 5, 2020: fix the error in editing information on the member page; Optimize the right follow floating module js; Fixed some user feedback problems; In addition, the membership plug-in of the Tang Dynasty has been open source, Detailed description Click to enter


Updated on December 25, 2019: New fields have been added in this update, so please re enable the next topic for old users to upgrade! Add the homepage link nofollow of answering users; Add the function of adopting satisfactory answers (after the login user submits a question, an answer can be set as an adopted answer); Fixed some user feedback problems;


Updated on November 22, 2019: added the function of selecting and classifying submitted questions; Fix the failure of the right column scrolling js in some cases; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Updated on October 29, 2019: optimized interface; Add navigation bar and right bar to follow the scroll; Four advertising spaces have been added; Price increase; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Updated on October 6, 2019: delete the website of the comment module; Add the function of uploading pictures when members post questions (old users should first turn on the switch in the theme configuration and set the right according to the tutorial);


Updated on August 15, 2019: fixed the error in the comment module of members' personal pages and added paging; Fix the failure of comment email notification in some cases; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Updated on July 14, 2019: add comments to send email to remind judgment; Fine tune the style of the right column; Add the handling of the failure of the question page after the pure static is enabled; Fixed some user feedback problems;


Update 2019-05-26: fix the click to load error; Fix the category like button error; Optimize the interface of the latest comment module; Fixed some known minor issues.

Screenshot of theme demonstration:


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Tianxing Studio: www.txcstx.com Undertake zblog template customization/site imitation, dedecms template customization/site imitation and other services. This site provides the latest zblog enterprise template download. A good template is friendly to search engines, convenient for website inclusion and SEO optimization. Contact QQ: one billion one hundred and nine million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand nine hundred and eighteen

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