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Extreme · light sharing resource sharing download theme

  • ID : Jz52_ Qshare
  • edition : 1.2.2
  • author : Lao Li next door ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://zbp.cool/post/91.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update Date : 2022-09-13 08:21:32   Updated within half a year
  • amount of downloads : one hundred and sixteen
  • Scoring : The average score of 5 people voting is 10/10
  • PHP version : 5.5 and higher
  • size : 2.16MB

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Light theme/adaptive/SEO friendly/download field/poster/user center adaptation


Theme features:

Conform to w3c standard

Friendly SEO

Picture SEO

ZBP1.7 native thumbnail

Album mode

Dark mode, timed, default

Multiple advertising spaces and differentiated mobile computers

Head beautification

Alipay WeChat appreciation

The article copyright statement supports ordinary and original, and supports variables

With multiple sidebar modules (popular articles, hot reviews, latest messages, random articles)

Picture carousel

Poster function

It has its own download field and supports login display, reply display and vip display (user group collaborators and above)

Flexible download mode, can be added independently

The download field supports password hiding, and WeChat focuses on obtaining passwords (WeChat attracts fans)

Adapt to ZBLOG user center plug-in (Mochu user center) (The theme itself does not contain the user center)

Compatible with other user center plug-ins through background settings

Demo video: https://zbp.cool/post/95.html

More works https://app.zblogcn.com/?auth=1ba3bdce -cfd4-44d9-bbda-c1316b47adbc

be careful:

1. The member center of the demonstration station is: Z-Blog user center plug-in (Mochu member center), with non theme built-in functions

2. The function of Mochu member center adapted to the theme of collecting and liking is not displayed without Mochu member center

3. No user center will affect the use of the theme

Buy must see:

Because of the code's replicability, the app does not support refund after purchase, whether you use it or not

Those who do not have relevant website knowledge and do not understand zblog website construction are not allowed to buy

After sales service only includes the right to use the theme and subsequent free updates

Customer service will not answer any content irrelevant to this topic

Customer service online time is non legal holiday Monday Friday 8:30-17:30 Please leave a message or submit a work order at other times

Please come straight to the point when consulting. Don't ask meaningless questions such as "Are you here". Please bring the order number when adding friends

Picture demonstration:

 WeChat screenshot_ 20210327085132.png

 WeChat screenshot_ 20210412142059.png

 WeChat screenshot_ 20210326103021.png

Update description:


Optimize the carousel chart

Optimize message paging css

Repair album mode Open the first image every time


Friendly time display

Optimize several css


This update is mainly focused on the sidebar module. Be sure to see the update description

Please clear the cache and recompile the template after updating

After the update, please pay attention to the reset sidebar of module management

Optimize the side bar calling logic, use the default side bar on the home page, side bar 2 on the list, side bar 3 on the article, side bar 4 on the single page, and side bar 5 on other pages

Add a sidebar module (latest article)


Optimize download field adaptive style


Add pseudo static search in the station, after updating Note: Clear the cache and recompile the template


Optimize thumbnail calling logic, after updating Note: Clear the cache and recompile the template


Fix the display style of search box under Safari


Fix some browser carousel graph adaptions


Repair a css dislocation


Optimize background code filtering settings


This update can be ignored without Mochu Member Center

Optimize the style of relevant fields of Mochu Member Center in dark mode

Fix like and favorite icon errors


This update is relatively large, please see the update description

The download field supports customized prompt content after hiding

If the default decompression password is not set and the decompression password is not set separately in the article, the decompression password will not be displayed

After the selection list is sorted by the update time, the time displayed in the article list is changed to the update time

Modify the theme's own ICO prefix to jzicon - to avoid conflicts with other applications that use the same prefix

Precautions after update (ignored for new installation):

1. Clear the browser cache

2. Clear the cache on the background homepage and recompile the template

3. In the theme configuration and US adaptation, change all icons in the user's drop-down card code to jzicon-


An error may be reported when installing the theme after repairing and deleting the theme

Fix the error caused by the failure to generate thumbnail of image link without suffix


Add a random article module

How to use it: Open it in Topic Configuration → Sidebar Settings and then remove the module management operation

Fix Picture Management Flipping

The official version of ZBP1.7 was finally released on April 10, 2021


The article list can be sorted by the update time

Zbp1.7 has not been released


Articles related to beautification

Zbp1.7 has not been released


The sidebar label module can be set to display

Zbp1.7 has not been released


Repair a small bug in the download field

Add custom css

Zbp1.7 has not been released


Add pseudo original template (it may be useless)

Zbp1.7 has not been released


Overwrite the effect of night mode

Zbp1.7 has not been released


Release (however, it is not public, because ZBP1.7 has not yet been released)

Hello, Z Blog related website has opened the real name system, please log in Bind your phone , and then make comments. Thank you for your support.

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Download Guide

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Other precautions

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