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Kunpeng theme - Blue adaptive PC mobile blog we media information theme

  • ID : kunpeng
  • edition : 1.0.23
  • author : Xiaoyao Jinpeng ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : kunpeng. geekertheme. com
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.6.0 Valyria
  • Update date : 2022-05-23 00:40:29   Update in March
  • amount of downloads : two hundred and ninety-one
  • Rating : The average score of 27 votes was 9.67/10
  • PHP version : 5.2 and higher
  • size : 3.09MB

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Topic introduction

Kunpeng theme, high-end blue PC terminal, mobile terminal dual terminal blog we media information theme. Namely this topic PC and mobile altogether 2 sets of themes!

Theme support zblog php1.6.0-- ZblogPHP 1.7.0

Please feel free to use the above version!

Note: for the problems in use, add QQ: 7-7-1-0-3-5-8-8 [indicate user ID and reason] for consultation

be careful:

This application does not support all kinds of e-commerce activities! The price only goes up but not down!

Website template, plug-in and theme are software products with unlimited replication. Once sold, refund is not supported. Please be careful!

Only need to resolve WWW, do not need to resolve m.domain. com The theme contains two sets of templates, which are automatically recognized by the program. Whether PC or mobile, the URL should be consistent: www.domain com。

Separation of PC and mobile has great benefits for SEO:

1. In other words, the mobile phone only loads the style of the mobile phone, which makes the response faster and search more friendly

2. It doesn't affect the other end

Visit the demo site

The theme setting is very simple, and it is good to keep the switch fully open

Adaptive PC, mobile dual terminal

Strong SEO optimization

Code hierarchy

No restrictions on domain names

Permanent free upgrade

Value for money

After sale guarantee

User evaluation screenshot

 image. png

 index. png


Add the function of uploading logo on mobile terminal

Add background beautification style

Add one article to the next page


Add mobile copyright customization (adopt a user's feedback)

Modify the mobile terminal to return to the home page and category page


Add table style CSS (adopt the user's suggestions)


Modify JS call

Add header and footer compatible variables

Beautify the style of comment box, the version is not updated


Fix invalid ad switch

The media matrix at the bottom of the channel list page is the same as the home page


Beautify two CSS styles of list page

Beautify CSS style of pagination button


Add the back-end button and the management article button in the front-end after the administrator logs in (adopts the user's ahnetwork suggestion)

Add the function of automatically jump to the login page when the background login is expired

Table thumbnail delayed loading


Add custom URL for user registration, login and contribution

 image. png


Enhance mobile terminal judgment

Delete PC terminal classification and mobile front end home page


Add the key words in the content page to judge if they are empty

Add ad management settings

Delete the code in the home page; ZBP module is used as the background default. The version number is not updated.


Add content page custom SEO key words function


Add title of channel page tab on home page paging

Add body H2 subtitle CSS

Ver1.0.7 (adopt user's suggestion)

Theme configuration changed to save to database

Beautify sidebar list CSS


Add Baidu search off (default search in this site, open and enable Baidu search)

Add search page (1 page for PC and 1 page for mobile)

SEO enhancement: PC, mobile both ends of the article title, list title is modified to H1, H3

 image. png



Add the bottom QR code upload setting and switch

Add media number list settings and switches at the bottom



Add label style of channel column

Add label style at the bottom of article page

Add a tab (one for PC and one for mobile)

Add judgment condition to logo calling mode

Increase social sharing

Add the bottom copyright information setting switch


Fix search box problems Do not update version number ver1.0.0



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