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Mipcms template (bear's paw)

  • ID : mipcms
  • edition : four point one
  • author : Yu Cong ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.kehu56.com/style/mipcms.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.5.2 Zero
  • Update date : 2021-05-24 22:03:05   No update for a long time
  • amount of downloads : seven hundred and fifty-seven
  • Rating : The average score of 8 votes is 10 / 10
  • PHP version : 5.4 and higher
  • size : 845KB

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Detailed introduction https://www.kehu56.com/style/mipcms.html

Topic label : MIP, SEO, bear's paw, responsive, CMS, we media, information, blog

Dependent plug-ins : please install the MIP plug-in before downloading this topic. Search the Application Center for MIP support plug-ins

Demo address https://demo.kehu56.com/mipcms/    

User stories https://kehu56.com/tags/mipcms Template/  

Theme update:

Note: if the update does not work, please clear the template cache and browser cache

In the v4.1 sidebar [popular articles] and [latest articles] add the switch to call popular articles under the same category. (2021.05.24)

In v4.0, the functions of MIP push and MIP cache update are deleted, the function of filling in the record address independently and the function of copyright closing are added. (2021.04.27)

V3.9 topics can be selected to use the system navigation bar. Location: topic configuration > basic information > enable navigation module. Modify the demo address.

V3.8 added copyright description at the end of the article. Location: topic configuration > Article configuration > Article copyright.

V3.7 replace the latest website of MIIT.

In V3.6, the user-defined main tone is added. The location is: theme configuration > basic information > main color replacement.

V3.5 repair page SEO title does not take effect.

V3.4 fixed a bug that did not turn on show more features.

V3.3 optimizes the SEO code in order to be more compatible with other SEO tool plug-ins.

In v3.2, the default article list 4 Diagram style is added. After the user needs to update, it can be opened in the topic configuration > classification settings. The effect is shown in the figure below.


V3.1 optimizes the display logic of sub category names in the classification list, adds data submission of bear's paw (which can be opened in the article configuration), and defines the line height of article paragraphs.

V3.0 adds MIP auto commit and MIP cache cleaning functions.

V2.9 fixed the failure of the mobile terminal to top up, and added the mobile end switch of the companion chain (find it in the configuration column of the topic [basic information]).

V2.8 fixed that the indicator in the lower right corner of the carousel image did not switch synchronously with the picture.

V2.7 upgrades MIP V2 for a faster browsing experience.

V2.6 home page five figure adds mobile switch to solve the problem that the first page article list does not display the article release time on the mobile terminal.

V2.5 article page has more functions to display. Please go to the theme article configuration to open it.

V2.4 fixed the problem that the mobile terminal could not slide when the navigation was too long. 404 pages were added to the template file.

V2.3 optimizes the writing method of a classification TDK.

V2.2 change the link on the right side of the column about us and friendship links without pictures, do not display pictures, supplement the view link of advertising style supported by backstage article ads.

V2.1 solves the problem that a canonical tag appears on the front page of the SEO tool.

V2.0 adds the nofollow switch to delete a useless code.

V1.9 added comment function, the article configuration has a switch, the effect view: https://www.shenye5.com/feedback.html  


V1.8 fixed the problem of invalid ALT in the automatic addition of the article, fixed the problem of one more slash in the logo address, and added the pop attribute of the article image (PS: at the official request of Baidu MIP).

V1.7 added two new CSS to solve the problem that some users' websites may not display pictures and have redundant blank images.

V1.6 added the mobile terminal background login button switch to repair an Android mobile phone text overflow.

In v1.5, we added the big picture switch of the rotation broadcast, and added one large and four small picture and text modules on the home page (with switch)【 After the update, if the carousel map is not displayed, please open it in the home page settings

Theme configuration:




1 large and 4 small graphic foreground actual effect:


V1.4 optimizes a highly uncoordinated image problem. Add a theme page template (topic is the label, the label can customize the cover picture, and the topic page introduction needs to read the tag summary). For the specific effect, please see: https://www.shenye5.com/tags.html  


V1.3 modify mobile video height

V1.2 optimize PC side article picture, compatible with SEO tools

V1.1 optimizes thumbnails, adds QR code switch (distinguish top and bottom), and fixes basic bugs.

Theme configuration:

 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg 8.jpg 10.jpg

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