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User center (1000 units)

  • ID : dayuser
  • edition : 3.4.0
  • author : Today, it's so high ( Author website )
  • Official website : //jq.qq.com/?_ wv=1027&k=kI1aVDnT
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.5 Zero
  • Update Date : 2023-03-31 22:39:22   Updated within three months
  • amount of downloads : three thousand one hundred and sixty-eight
  • Scoring : The average score of 66 people voting is 9.83/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.98MB

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User Center (1000 computers) plug-in update and maintenance instructions (click to access)

Thanks to Tang Dynasty (technical support) and Tuoyuan (front-end support).

Case presentation: https://www.ytwes.com/user/user.html

A simple user center that can't be simpler

Basic functions:

1. Registration (general registration, mobile number registration, email registration, QQ registration)

2. Login (ordinary login, mobile phone login, email login, QQ login)

3. Retrieve password (SMS retrieval, email retrieval)

Extended functions:

1. Invite friends

2. Invitation record

Consumption function

Currency includes points and balance

1. Bonus points for signing in

2. Point purchase article reading permission

3. Recharge card recharge integral

4. Alipay recharge balance

If you have good suggestions (only for general basic functions), you can leave a message in the group.

Welcome to customize peripheral plug-ins.

Everything can fit, if not, please leave a message

If any page of the website without argument enters a certain page, please click Save in User Center (Qianji) - Configuration Center - Access Address.

2021-08-3 Update V3.4

-Add a list of "paid articles" in the background to facilitate the management of paid articles

2021-07-27 Update V3.3

-The original fixed navigation on the left side of the user center has been removed, and the mode that can be written freely has been changed.

2021-07-20 Update V3.2

-Fix the problem that Alipay does not support php8.0

2021-07-13 Update V3.1

-Improve the path description of each page of the access address

    -  Optimized user experience of invitation links

2021-07-06 Update V3.0

-Add point purchase article permission function

2021-06-29 Update V2.9

-Fix the problem that the password cannot be retrieved when the mailbox is registered

-Fix my points page turning error at the front desk

-Repair the problem of manual recharge points in the background and record errors

    -  Add balance recharge function in the background

    -  Add balance details list in background

2021-06-25 Update V2.8

-Repair "Enable pseudo static" switch and“ Alipay original payment "switch conflict

-Fix the display error of background recharge integral record

2021-06-20 Update V2.7

-Add integral recharge function in the background

     -Add recharge card recharge integral function

-Thanks to Empire House for sponsoring this update

2021-04-11 Update V2.6.1

-Adjust the registration and login pages to full screen mode.

2021-04-11 update V2.6

-Repair a bug

2021-02-05 Update V2.5

-Add the function of redeeming balance for points.

2021-01-23 Update V2.4

-Add QQ login;

-Optimize background user management display content.

Update V2.3 on January 21, 2021

-Fixed the problem of user center navigation secondary directory errors under the non source extension theme;

-Optimize the column selection status on the left side of the user center;

-Add the link address of the Service Agreement and Privacy Policy that can be edited freely in the background.

2021-01-18 Update V2.2

-Background integral details, optimized display rules, and added query function.

2021-01-04 Update V2.1

-Add Extension Management Page

     -Add the extension interface of the registration page. Users can customize new fields according to the interface.

Update V2.0 on December 31, 2020

-Add the function of modifying the password of the client.

Update V1.9 on December 27, 2020

-Add user center mobile terminal template interface.

Update V1.8 on December 27, 2020

-Optimize the css style.

Update V1.7 on December 22, 2020

-Optimize css and js calling methods.

Update V1.6 on December 19, 2020

-Add 2 payment functions. One Alipay native support and one consignment payment.

Update V1.5 on December 13, 2020

-Repair of respective details

2020-12-07 Update V1.4

-Open the side navigation bar interface through Interface Free to add new navigation

2020-12-06 Update V1.3

-Enable pseudo static configuration, Pseudo static Supports subdirectory sites.

Update V1.2 on November 27, 2020

-When registering to send verification code, if the account has been registered, it will be prompted that it has been registered;

     -When retrieving the password and sending the verification code, if the account is not registered, you will be prompted that it is not registered;

-Fix the problem of sending SMS for the second time in the same account without recording the sending time;


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ZBLOG Application Center - Application Purchase and Use Agreement

1. Before purchasing an app, you need to confirm whether the app meets your needs. Digital products do not support trial. According to Article 25 of the Consumer Protection Law, the app is a digital product downloaded online and cannot be refunded once it is downloaded and installed after purchase.
2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license of the application, and the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account. Without the consent of the website and the application provider, No secondary release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc , otherwise we will Permanently close the user account And reserves the right to continue to investigate relevant responsibilities.
4. If The website containing the application is resold or given away, leased, etc. Please purchase the application with a new account or remove the application Otherwise, it will be deemed as violating the use agreement and permanently canceling the right to use the account.
5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include relevant use rights and free update services, and the application center and application provider do not provide additional after-sales installation and other services.
6. The risks in your use of the application are entirely borne by the user, including system damage, data loss and any other risks.
seven Users shall not use this app to engage in any behavior that violates laws, regulations and social public order and good customs in any way. Users must bear all legal responsibilities for the possible consequences of their improper use, and the website and application provider will not bear any responsibility.
eight If the application provider and the website find that the user installs the application on illegal websites such as pornography, gambling, drugs and fraud, they will stop the user's use rights and services, and report the user's illegal information to the network supervision department.
9. The website and application providers reserve the right to change, restrict, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without notifying you and assuming no responsibility for you.

Purchasing Guide

1. Please first Registered account , and Sign in Application Center.
2. Directly click "Buy App" and follow the instructions.

Download Guide

1. The buyer logs in on his Z-Blog website, enters the background, and clicks the "Application Center" menu on the left menu bar.
2. On the home page of the "Application Center", log in using the application center registration account.
3. Enter "My Application Warehouse" to see the successfully purchased applications. Click "Download" to download and install them.

Other precautions

1. If you cannot normally access the application center through the background of your own website, please purchase carefully, because this may cause the application to fail to download and install smoothly.
2. If the paid application cannot be downloaded normally, please check Z-Blog and application updates in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still cannot download, please contact us in time.
3. The local settings may be overwritten when the update is applied. Please make a backup before the update.