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Tianxing Studio Enterprise theme 6

  • ID : tx_ qiye8
  • edition : 3.1.0
  • author : Tianxing studio ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.txcstx.com/post/1173.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-06-16 15:53:55   Update within half a year
  • amount of downloads : three hundred and seventy-one
  • Rating : The average score of 6 votes was 8.5/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.71MB

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This is a special animation / adaptive / most modules can be configured independently Zblog enterprise theme

Theme upgrade:

2022-06-16: optimization of crumb function; Optimize the function of getting article data; User feedback to fix known problems;


2021-12-12: fix known user feedback problems; Remove the compatible code for versions below 1.7. Users who have not upgraded to 1.7 should not update! Optimize the function of some topics;


Adaptation problem: January 14, 20207; Optimize the function of some topics;


May 25, 2021: add the function of calling zblog1.7 with compressed thumbnail [turn on the switch in 1.7 user theme configuration]; Compress CSS and JS files;


March 19, 2021: fixed the problem of misplaced slides in some cases; Optimize a link and add title tag to all links;


January 22, 2021: fix the new page dislocation caused by the previous version upgrade;


January 17, 2021: optimize the theme configuration interface; Add theme configuration security verification; Optimize the "navcat" function name conflict; Add slide sorting function;


November 5, 2020: optimize the topic TDK call logic; Optimize the call of related articles; Fix known user feedback problems;


September 07, 2020: fix the switch error of QQ wechat phone module on mobile phone; The function of thumbnail is optimized; Fix known user feedback problems;


July 12, 2020: fix the misplacement of the navigation bar of the mobile phone caused by the upgrade of the previous version;


July 5, 2020: Make sure to update the old logo and the old one. Please make sure you want to update the old logo!

1. The theme management background is rewritten;


2. Rewrote the slide and change the image upload mode:


3. The banner graph display under the navigation bar of classified page and article page is optimized;

4. It rewrites the function of user-defined classification call on the home page, which makes the new version more intuitive;

5. Add a single page to customize the upload banner graph;

6. Fix the known problems fed back by customers;


June 2, 2020: add the display switch of QQ wechat telephone module on the right side and distinguish PC and mobile phone terminal;


May 1, 2020: upgrade to support the latest zblogphp version 1.6; Email and website display module are added; Fix the known problems fed back by customers;


March 26, 2020: revision comments on switch logic repair; SEO has its own topic switch; Fix the known problems fed back by customers;


January 6, 2020: the height of the slide picture on the front page is not fixed; Optimize the theme with 404 pages; Fix the known problems fed back by customers;


November 28, 2019: add the switch on our module on the home page; Optimize the operation logic of background theme configuration (the change here is large. After upgrading, please go to the theme configuration - home page settings to set it);


September 16, 2019: increase the number of user-defined classified articles function; Add animation loading effect switch; Fix the known problems fed back by customers;


July 2, 2019: fixed the error caused by calling the nonexistent classification ID on the home page; Some minor problems have been fixed;


March 18, 2019: add the user-defined function of the number of articles in the home page module; Fixed some known minor problems;


January 22, 2019: add custom SEO title; Fixed some known problems;


December 09, 2018: add the function of the previous article and the next one; Fixed the number of fixed columns at the bottom; Fix the font error;


November 06, 2018: fix the bottom switch problem; Add online sharing module; Fix some known minor problems;


October 8, 2018: add the SEO configuration item with the theme (added the title and connector customization); The display of link text and bold font is optimized;


The home page can be turned on or off by default in November, 2018; Optimize the background color and background map settings of each module of the home page under the custom style; Some known problems are optimized and fixed; This update is relatively large. After upgrading, old users must clear the browser cache to see the effect;


August 25, 2018: fixed the bug of unlimited page length caused by thumbnail CSS error;


August 15, 2018: optimize the display of thumbnail on mobile phone; Fix several errors in JS; Fix some known problems;

Template features:

1. Using animate.css, it has a lot of elegant CSS3 loading effects;

2. Perfect adaptive to various screens;

3. Can be in the background color matching, your website color is up to you;

4. The home page can be configured with building blocks; The number, order, background color, display and so on can be set in all modules of the home page, so as to provide users with maximum independent configuration options. Each user can match a page suitable for their own needs, and the use method is concise and clear, which is friendly to novices;

5. Three list page templates: product news team; It is suitable for most enterprise websites;

6. Two content page templates: product news;

7. The third page is convenient for enterprises to buy products, such as Taobao;

8. With online customer service module, embedded with online QQ, wechat code scanning attention, telephone and other functions, the mobile phone can directly dial by clicking on the phone;

9. You can customize whether the sidebar is on or off;

10. Powerful background configuration;

Theme demo address:


 QQ screenshot 20180627093641.png

Screenshot of theme function demonstration:


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