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Picture theme of Tianxing studio

  • ID : tx_ img
  • edition : 4.0.0
  • author : Tianxing studio ( Author website )  Contact author
  • Official website : https://www.txcstx.com/post/1129.html
  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.7.0 Tenet
  • Update date : 2022-10-12 13:53:35   Update in March
  • amount of downloads : five hundred and ninety-seven
  • Rating : The average score of 13 votes was 9.15/10
  • PHP version : 5.6 and higher
  • size : 1.53MB

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This is a section that applies to zblogphp Picture station of Template After tossing around for several months, lazy cancer attack also encountered double 11, until recently had time to sort out. This template is suitable for users who have picture resources on hand and hope to make a profit.

Note: user center plug-ins need to be purchased separately for member functions.

Theme demo address:


Mobile phone direct scanning code:


Upgrade record:

Version 4.0.0: change the theme dependent member plug-in to "Tianxing user center"【 Old users please be careful to make sure that the replacement of member plug-in does not affect the business before upgrading! 】; Optimize the function of some topics; Optimize theme color matching;


Version 3.9.2: optimize the thumbnail function; Add independent thumbnail data compatible with other themes [fill in field name in background theme configuration main settings]; Optimize the article data acquisition function;

Version 3.9.1: fix two low-level bugs left by the last upgrade

Version 3.9: adapt to the latest version of the user center plug-in (users who have not updated the plug-in should not upgrade the theme); Fix the upload error of website avatar; Optimize the height of mobile phone slide; Optimize the function of some topics; Optimize the known user feedback problem;

Version 3.8: users who have not upgraded zblog 1.7 should not upgrade this update; The data call function replaces the built-in function of version 1.7; Optimize the function of some topics; Optimize the known user feedback problem;

Version 3.7: fixed the misplacement of content page sharing module; Fixed the loading failure of waterfall list JS;

Version 3.6: this change is big, old users upgrade cautiously. Upgrade content: add and call zblog1.7's built-in compressed thumbnail function [turn on the switch in 1.7 user theme configuration]; Compress CSS and JS files; Modify the theme configuration interface; Optimize the built-in functions of some topics;


Version 3.5: fixed the name conflict of navcate function; Optimize the known user feedback problem;

Version 3.4: optimization theme with TDK display logic; Add online sharing module with theme and delete the original custom online sharing module;

Version 3.3: optimized some functions; Fixed some known customer feedback issues;

Version 3.2: fixed image content pagination button error; Adjust the home page classification link to click on the new window to open;

Version 3.1: supports the latest zblogphp version 1.6; Add comment module email and website switch; Add a comment input box prompt; Fixed some known customer feedback issues;

Version 3.0: optimize popular article function; Optimize the member center page; Fixed some known problems from customer feedback; In addition, the member center plug-in for theme adaptation has been open-source, and there is a tutorial in the background theme configuration office;

Version 2.9: optimized thumbnail function; Optimize the front page CMS module to report errors in some background operations; Fixed some known problems from customer feedback;

Version 2.8: increase the number of classified articles displayed by user-defined settings; Fix some environment error reporting problems in strict mode;

Version 2.7: add forward and backward button on multi graph page to facilitate page turning; Fixed some known problems from customer feedback;

Version 2.6: modify the VIP resources purchased by points, and users can download them directly; Another picture is being loaded with the prompt dynamic graph; Fixed some known problems from customer feedback;

Version 2.5: fix the misplacement of the mobile terminal of the login page; Increase the definition of slide height; Add the main switch of picture paging function;

Version 2.4: add the function of picture pagination, and set several pictures to turn page in the background; Add back to top button; The topic function is optimized; Fixed some known problems from customer feedback;

Version 2.3: optimizing the spacing of pagination bars; Fixed some known problems;

Version 2.2: add custom SEO title for articles; Fixed some known minor problems;

Version 2.1: fixed the dislocation caused by too many slide pictures in the article.

Version 2.0: add "pure picture style" to the home page; The header code structure has been adjusted (please clear the browser cache for old users to update); The error problem of waterfall flow interface under some resolutions is optimized; Optimized theme built-in functions; PS: old users please check the demo station to make sure it meets the requirements before upgrading.

Version 1.8: fixed the error of login page after opening the verification code; Add SEO configuration item (Title Customization + spacer customization); Optimize the theme with member interface; Fixed some known problems.

Version 1.7: fixed the error of calling article in front page slide; Fixed the article page related article picture display error;

Version 1.6: fixed several bugs in the member center interface of the theme; Optimize the front page module, call the top article in the column;

Version 1.5: add user-defined web page width; Increase the height of the thumbnail; Fix known errors; The CSS is optimized;

Version 1.4: fixed some known bugs;

Version 1.3: add the option to download resources only after login, and optimize the background selection configuration item (please reset it in the category editor after upgrading); Fix exit error;

Version 1.2: fixed background upload QR code error; The background theme configuration adds Font Icon to call the description case page.

Version 1.1: fixed tag page errors; Fix the interface problem of single page; Optimization and integration of JS files.

Theme features:

1. Theme color matching: six colors can be customized. Background color, text color, link color, main color, auxiliary color, module background color can be created in minutes to create a unique interface only for you;

2、 self-adaption This is a basic modern theme;

3. Independent download page: there is a special download module in the article. Click to enter the independent download page and add advertisements website Profit and increase the PV of the website.

4. Member center: compatible with the member center plug-in of Tang Dynasty, adding three charging modes for content: integral Purchase and download (price should be set on the right → bottom), VIP free download, free download;

5. Theme customization function:

Home: can set three styles: waterfall flow, CMS, list;

List page: you can set waterfall flow and list; At the same time, the side bar can be closed;

Content page: you can set common style and album form; At the same time, the side bar can be closed;

For more detailed functions, please see the demo station and demo screenshots

Theme illustration:

Home page:


Waterfall flow:


Content page:


Download page:


Background theme configuration page:


Article editing page:

 QQ screenshot 20171128103512.jpg

Hello visitor, the real name system has been opened on the relevant website of Z-blog. Please log in after Bind your phone Thank you for your support.

Tianxing Studio: www.txcstx.com Undertake zblog template customization / imitation station, dedecms template customization / imitation station and other services. This site provides the latest zblog enterprise template download. Good template for search engine friendly, easy to site included, SEO optimization. Contact QQ: one billion one hundred and nine million eight hundred and fifty-six thousand nine hundred and eighteen

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