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  • system requirements : Z-BlogPHP 1.5.2 Zero
  • Update date : 2022-08-03 09:08:15
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Topic name: zblog theme of "mxlee" by Li Yang
Subject Author: Li Yang blog
Applicable version: z-blogphp 1.5.2+
Release date: September 28, 2017
Address: https://www.talklee.com/blog/279.html

Demonstration station     More works     Topic update log (22 / 08 / 03)

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This theme has been produced for a long time and lasted for more than a month. I had to give up the theme several times, but I still didn't give up. As for the reason, I felt more and more like the theme of Robin. At first, I planned to make a theme for my own use, adding all the elements I like, but after finishing, I found that the theme was really good, concise and beautiful, So we decided to release it.

Subject update details:

--, fix Baidu snapshot partially blocked bug.

--Optimize the automatic following effect of navigation bar.

--Fix the bug displayed in the mobile terminal page turning disorder.

--Optimize CSS style sheet and simplify code.

--Mobile phone with incomplete display --Update the link of the Ministry of industry and information technology at the bottom of the website.

--Fix the bug with no text box on the mobile end of the comment verification code.

--Fix the bug that cannot be turned on or off on the home page.

--、 Fix the bug that the search page can't be accessed (part of the search plug-in has been used, which has been solved, and the topic has been integrated with the search terms highlighted. You can uninstall the search plug-in)

--、 Fix article praises bug with wrong QR code path (seriously, at least I didn't encounter it, but you think there is a mistake, so change it)

--、 The newly added article likes plug-ins are compatible, and the specific effect is shown in the figure below:

Open the liking plug-in as shown in the figure (plug in ID: San ﹣ practice ﹣ SDK, name: new article like development version)


Open responsibility display: (article appreciation needs to be opened in the background)


As shown in the figure, if the article appreciation is not enabled, the like plug-in will not work, otherwise the style will not look good.

--、 Other optimizations, such as streamlining CSS styles, fixing some incompatibilities, and so on. In short, it is recommended to upgrade, appreciate the code change, if it can not be displayed, please upload the QR code again and refresh the foreground page. If it still doesn't work, please call me!!!

--、 Fix the wrong bug when the search page template is opened;

--、 Simplify part of PHP code, improve the speed of website browsing;

--、 Plug in (user incompatible search page);


--、 Fix the occasional duplicate bug when the tab tab is switched.

--、 Optimize tab tag recommendation column to customize the function of article ID. (as shown in the figure, fill in the article ID directly)

In view of the fact that many people do not know how to set the backstage of the website, each module is not clear, so take time to mark each module according to the theme.


The first thing you need to do is to set the category template, as shown below:

After purchasing a topic, first go to classification management and set the list page template, as shown in the figure. (there are two forms, one is the default picture + article form, which is universal; the other is the image waterfall flow type, which is applicable to the classification of image types.)


Secondly, this is the schematic diagram of each template, just refer to it. There is no need to manage the unmarked.


There are also the modules corresponding to the foreground display of the basic theme settings:


Finally, the corresponding module appearance is set


--. add navigation bar following effect (page scroll down to hide navigation bar, up scroll to display navigation bar)

--New article appreciation function;

--. summary of optimization list;

--Optimize the user experience of the comment page and put the content of the comment box at the top;

--Optimize the reader wall code to show the latest reviewers;

--. fix the bug that the message does not use alias;

--. fix the code of the article page guide to get abstract;

--Repair the sidebar blogger introduction module; The specific amendments are as follows:


After the update, it may be shown as shown in the figure above. You need to set the theme and appearance settings in the background, Introduction of blogger in the sidebar, fill in administrator ID: (example: 1)


If you are not sure, you can click the menu on the left, user management: Fill in ID directly that will do


Why do you want to set it? Because some netizens feedback that the information of other authors will be displayed after other users publish articles on the website. Therefore, this time, the user-defined administrator will not cause the above problems.

--Optimize the contribution function of the author on the article page, and customize the background: ("if you have a good article, I hope that < strong > we < / strong > help share and promote, and I want to contribute < / a >") blob.png

--. eeeeeeem what other optimization I forgot, in short, Recommended updates(

--No repair code;

Optimize the original judgment mode. If you want to enable the no image mode, please make sure that there are no pictures in the article, and turn on the no picture switch (function setting - no picture mode). In the no picture mode, the custom thumbnail is invalid. If no map mode is turned on, it will be displayed randomly. If there is a custom thumbnail, the user-defined will be displayed first.

--. fix the duplicate bug in the list page;

--. fix the mobile terminal prompt error, unable to open the website bug;

--. Add custom website background function, background - basic settings - custom background (upload pictures by yourself, use tile mode, background map is suggested to be smaller).

--. Optimize the display effect of multiple images on the mobile terminal. If the number of pictures in the article is greater than or equal to 3, the multi graph mode will be displayed, as shown in the figure: (multiple images are only valid on the mobile terminal).

--. Update Orson font icon style and code (latest version 4.7.0).

--. fix bug of theme thumbnail error in previous version.

--. PHP code optimization, modify incompatible code.

--. optimize sidebar appreciation (background - module, appreciation, content modification)

--. simplify the PHP code and modify the related style sheet.

--. other...

--. upgrade 1.5.2 in a comprehensive way, and fix incompatible bugs when logging off;

--Optimize the case that the bottom of the comment box is too narrow;

--. add the switch of the head summary of the article page, and turn off the background topic setting function switch article page summary;

--Optimize PHP code;

--. others~

--. Added "comment on user agent 1.3" ”Plug in compatibility, display reviewer computer information and browser information.


You can open the "user agent" plug-in, and the others do not need to be modified.

--. To fix this bug, you need to re enable the theme, and then fill in the appearance settings and sidebar appreciation. The default format is as follows:

 < H3 class = "SX title" > < I class = FA asterisk "> < / I > appreciation</h3> <li class="shangxi"> < b > Su Shi and huichong's two late scenes of Chunjiang River</b> Three or two branches of peach blossom outside the bamboo are the oracle of the warm spring river</ p> < p > the bud of Artemisia selengensis was short, which was just when puffer fish wanted to go up</ p> < p > when they returned to Hong Kong in pairs, they wanted to break the group, but they still looked like people returning to the north</ p> < p > it is known from a distance that there is a lot of wind and snow in the Shuo desert, and it is waiting for the spring in the south of the Yangtze River</ p> </li>

--. fix known bug in search page.

--. fix the abnormal display of mobile terminal caused by the width and height of custom image.

PS: After fixing the bug that the width and height of the picture could not be customized last time, some netizens' pictures appeared uneven. You can customize CSS in the background and fill in the following code:

 a.fancybox img {width: auto!important;height: auto!important;}

That's it.

--That's all I remember. Anyway, it's to fix the bug.

--New bottom CMS module, two display modes:

--. Cancel the following on the right side of the article page and use the global intelligent follow. The original sidebar follow interface is cancelled. If you need to follow the advertisement, you should manage the module, create a new module, fill in the code and drag it to the module 2, 3 and 4 on the right side.

--Optimize the adaptive display effect.

--. fix some known bugs.

--. simplify JS file and CSS style sheet code.

--. Optimize the intelligent following of the sidebar. When the page drops down, it will automatically follow the left article list, without manual alignment.

--. add Icon optimization at the bottom right of the website, and customize an icon interface.

--. fix bug without title introduced by author.

--. optimize the display effect of friendship links, and optimize the adaptive effect.

--. new article page guide and introduction function.

--. streamline JS, CSS and PHP code.

--. other optimizations.

--. fix error alerts when editing articles.

--. modify the thumbnail clipping scheme.

--. other optimizations.

--. Appreciation of the author's excellent sentences ”Invalid bug.

--. fixed the function of displaying thumbnails with random pictures and texts preferentially.

--. Fixed bug with no comment button on the right side of the article page.

--. optimize the total amount of website browsing PHP code.

--Other optimization.

There are many contents in this update. If you want to upgrade, you must see it, otherwise you will make mistakes. If you grasp the point, you'd better back up the theme first and then update it.

--. After the home page is updated, the reading guide module of the home page will be added to ban the original top setting function (only the home page will be cancelled), and whether to turn on or not in the background will be set.

--. Newly added random graphics and text recommendation, and the original tab in the sidebar was randomly replaced with the hot quarterly one. The specific modifications are as follows:

The number of pictures and texts in the sidebar refers to the number of random display calls

****************Remember to set the "number of pictures and texts in the sidebar" after updating the theme, otherwise the website will not open normally. ****************

**************** Remember to set the "number of pictures and texts in the sidebar" after updating the theme, otherwise the website will not open normally. ****************

**************** Remember to set the "number of pictures and texts in the sidebar" after updating the theme, otherwise the website will not open normally. ****************


The random articles in the original tab sidebar have been replaced with hot quarterly articles“ Sidebar hot days ”Fill in the numbers, thirty It's the hottest day of the month, ninety Days are the hot season.

--. The author's introduction is not changed


Of course, you can still customize the author's introduction. If you don't want to write it, you can turn on "random display sentences" on the right side. If you don't refresh, a sentence will be displayed


The specific contents are in /zb_ users/theme/mxlee/include/hitokoto/hitokoto.txt ”You can put one sentence you want to show here. A word, a line. The original microblog address is migrated to the“ Basic settings ”Inside.

--. Optimize customer service on the right side and return to the top. New post page display comment function, as shown in the figure: (only displayed in the article page, not in other pages)


--.   Thoroughly solve the problem of CPU soaring when opening web pages , turn off input effects.

In fact, the reason for the CPU surge was JS conflict. At that time, in order to save space, JS was put together, so it led to this. The solution was to separate JS. Specifically, I didn't clear it. Zhang Ge blog used input special effects, and the CPU occupancy rate was about 40-50%. I'm still the same after the separation. Maybe there's something wrong with the code of special effects, so I mind, You can turn off the input effect, as shown in the figure below: (my computer is still running other programs, they are all turned off, and only open the web page, it will be about 20.)


--. optimize the code of the home page call, integrate it into the topic, and directly call the total number of calls.

--Other aspects are streamlining and optimizing CSS and JS. Now the overall effect is very good.

--. fix bug of not getting custom image for articles related to custom thumbnail

--Adapt to some functions of member center;

--. fix the encrypted articles in ytuser member center, and the list page can display the bug of encrypted content;

--. SEO optimization details, (optimize the display effect of the article page description and list page summary. Give priority to the SEO settings provided by the topic. If it is not enabled, the "automatically generate summary" under the new article (edit article) will be displayed first. This can display the desired text more freely and avoid the problem of automatic output of encrypted articles.)

--. optimize the function of automatic pull-down and page turning;

--. optimize the display effect of waterfall flow template.

--. add the function of inserting advertisement into articles (each article can insert one advertisement at will)

--. add the member registration label at the top of the website (background basic settings)

--. optimize the tab switch mode in the sidebar, click switch to mouse slide.

--. optimize the overall style and repair the compatibility below IE8.

--. optimize comments and reply to unresponsive bugs

--. Optimize the unlimited drop-down effect of the list page, integrate the two footers at the same time, and do not load by default. If necessary, click the right side to load more, or directly click the footers. blob.png

--Due to the conflict between UBB expression and some current functions, UBB is temporarily cancelled and this function is added after solving the problem;

--. optimize comment CSS style.

PS: insert ads in the article as shown in the figure. Fill in the ads on the PC and mobile terminals respectively, and then fill in the paragraphs below to display the ads. for example,

I need the advertisement to be displayed in the second paragraph of the article, so fill in the number "2". blob.png

--. modify Baidu bear's paw bug;

--. add UBB expression of comments;

--. optimize the operation experience of comments, leave messages on the top and leave messages on the bottom;

--Beautify the output of comments;

--. optimize the bug that the latest message cannot output expression;

--Open the mobile side bar to display the content;

--. other content optimization!

--The author introduces the background modification of invalid bug, thank you for your feedback!

--Modify the bug with wrong classification in the horizontal rotation of CMS home page;

--. optimize the display effect of a mobile terminal.

--. new customer service on the right QQ function; (with switch)

--. fixed the error of custom thumbnail;

--Modify the PHP code loop of slide;

--User defined home page: the last column of the blog's introduction:


Note: after the update, the icon may not be displayed, because there is no data of this content in the background, such as picture modification, topic setting, basic setting, and scrollbar pulling to the bottom, you can see the subscription settings. This custom fills in the font icon and connection. For example, before the default is "Subscribe button", you can directly fill in the corresponding icon connection.

As shown in the figure after updating:


As shown in the figure after modification: Fill in the "users. PHP" column


For the font icon, there is a tutorial on the blog, which you can refer to: Orson icon portal

--. other function optimization.

--Optimize CSS style sheet;

--. new mobile link;


--. optimize ICO icons on other pages;

--Optimize the waterfall flow template and mobile display effect;

--. optimize the details.

--Optimize the advertising display scheme;

--. The overall mode of classified front page advertisement is changed to advertisement at the bottom of slide, and new classified page advertisement display is added; (if it is left blank, it will not be displayed. For example, if the mobile phone version needs advertising, if the PC version does not need it, open the advertisement, set the mobile advertisement, and leave the PC content blank.)

--. add custom column name of sidebar advertisement;

--. optimize ie homepage links to display discordant bugs.

--. add hyperlinks of list page and summary.

--. add Baidu bear's paw function and open it with one button in the background;

--Optimize the navigation display effect of moving crumbs;

--Baidu bear's paw attention button is added to the article page.

--. other function optimization.


PS: webmasters without bear's paw can turn this off. If the ID of bear's paw is incorrect, the follow button will not be displayed on the article page;


Baidu bear's paw attention function is only displayed on the mobile terminal.

--. fix the overlapped bug in the secondary menu of mobile phone navigation;

--. fix the error bug of mobile phone advertising space

--. new Baidu alliance ads JS Code, fill in JS directly.


Note: Not only can you put in the advertising code here, but this interface is for adding the interface to the web page head, which is placed between < head > < / head > of the web page.

--Optimize the advertising display effect of the alliance;

--. optimize CSS.


--Simplify the code;

--Add the horizontal rotation switch of home page;

--. add category page and article page custom SEO switch (add category page title SEO)

--. JS error in optimizing some pages;

--. re optimized the SEO settings of the website, so there is no need to use other SEO plug-ins.


--. modify the bug with wrong microblog address at the bottom of the website;

--. add blog layout style (background - theme setting - appearance setting - CMS layout off)

--Modify the function and style of blog layout;

--. optimize the style;

--. streamline the code.

Preview home page:

 Home demo.png

List page Demo:

 List page demo.png

Article page presentation:

 Article page demo.png

Subject description:

CMS layout is adopted in the home page, and pictures are shown in rotation under the list page and sidebar. The theme does not need domain name authorization, and JS + CSS is not encrypted. It can be redeveloped after purchase (problems such as wrong version of website caused by secondary development and unable to open are not within the scope of after-sales service, and technical support can be provided with compensation!)

Sidebar call order:

Home page( Default sidebar ), category page( Sidebar 2 ), article( Sidebar 3 ); Search page( Sidebar 4

Drop down menu code:

 <li class="menu-item-has-children"> < a class menu</a>     <ul class="sub-menu dropdown-menu"> < li > < a</a></li> < li > < a</a></li>     </ul> </li>

Function introduction:

--. Add Tab switch in sidebar (background module)

--. CMS module (including horizontal Carousel) background theme settings, modify the corresponding display list.

 Theme settings.png

--. responsive theme, adaptive browser size, supporting PC, tablet and mobile phone clients;

--. the theme comes with wechat QR code;

--. with theme configuration, configuration / slide / CMS module display, etc.

--. the theme comes with one key switch between simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

--. self provided 404 template page (no need to set)

Special instructions: The number of popular tags is used to align the left module of the home page with the right sidebar, because there is horizontal rotation at the bottom. If there is too much content on the left, you can set the number of tags displayed until both sides are aligned. No beauty, if you can't align, you can contact me.

The list page adopts an independent template, which can be set by itself:


catalog (list page template)

links (link page template)

waterfall (waterfall flow template with wireless pull-down function)

Other templates do not need to be set.

Customizable CSS:

In the process of using themes, we may not like some of them. We need to modify them simply. However, if the CSS is modified, the next update will still be covered. This is embarrassing. Therefore, this theme adds a custom CSS interface in the background. If there is a modification, you can open it directly and modify the CSS. You can update the theme in time without worrying about being covered.


Modify it according to your own needs.

Advertising settings:


Automatically set up Web page PC terminal and mobile terminal to display different advertisements.

All advertisements have light on settings, so you don't need to turn them on, Right following Set it in the advertisement.

Switch function:


Scrolling effects, input effects, picture zooming and other related functions can be customized.

Other functions:

--. slide background settings, can directly upload pictures, no need to manually fill in the image address;

--. Optimize SEO, suitable for Baidu, 360 and other major search engines (background can add their own active push code)

--Please check out our website for more wonderful features.

Update description

Update note:

--. optimize reviewer connection encryption and destroy all external chains.

--. new category page custom SEO


Here again, if the summary has already set the description, the user-defined will be given priority. If the user-defined keyword and description are empty, the default will be displayed (don't ask me what is the default, I don't know)

--. add the home switch to turn off the light:


--. fix the Edit button of the individual page, you can edit the independent page directly, not jump to the article page ID.

--. optimize mobile display effect of mobile phone (fix the page bottom dislocation caused by last update)

--. Oh, by the way, the most important thing is to update the code of random display articles in the tab page instead of using "rand()"

--There are others, but I can't remember. I'm sorry...

10 / 17 update:

--. According to your request, the number of articles displayed on the front page is determined by yourself. After the theme is updated, the number displayed outside the front page is set in the background: for example, 5 (only fill in numbers);

--The title of "the latest article" on the front page can be displayed in the background, and the switch can be added;

--Optimize 404 pages;

--. optimize some font icons;

--. compatible with IE browser;

--Optimize the spacing between plates;

--. optimize the display effect of members on the right.

October 13 update note (major update)

--Open the background tree and update the function of user-defined directory;

--. compatible with blue leaf download Plug-in display effect;

--. update the visual scrolling effect (the first screen is displayed directly, and then the content is loaded with the scroll bar);

--. optimize and get the article code immediately;

--. add top post function on the home page;

--Optimize the overall style code and mobile display effect;

--Simplify and optimize the code;

--. others.

Updated on October 10:

--. To optimize the display effect of poetry appreciation and analysis, it is no longer integrated in the theme template, but placed in the module management. You can drag and drop it at will. If you want to modify it, you can directly click the edit on the module to modify the poem (do not modify other code, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes)


--. The author information introduction module is integrated to display the author introduction only on the home page and list page. Theme settings - function settings - open the author information, and then modify your own site creation time, browsing times automatically call the website browsing times. The author introduces in the theme settings - appearance settings - their own modification, recommended about 60 words, more than do not display.


Hello visitor, the real name system has been opened on the relevant website of Z-blog. Please log in after Bind your phone Thank you for your support.

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Central application and application purchase agreement

1. Before you purchase an app, you must first confirm whether the app meets your needs. Digital products do not support trial. According to Article 25 of the law on the protection of consumers' rights and interests, the app is a digital product downloaded online. Once it is downloaded and installed after purchase, it cannot be refunded.
2. The application you purchased in the application center, Only the license right of the application, the ownership of the application still belongs to the application provider.
3. An application can only be used for a single account without the consent of the website and the application provider, No second release, gift, resale, lease, piracy, etc Otherwise we will Permanently close user account And reserve the right to continue to investigate the relevant responsibilities.
4 The website containing the app has been reselled, given, leased, etc., please use a new account to purchase the app or remove the app Otherwise, it will be regarded as a violation of the usage agreement and the right to use the account will be permanently cancelled.
5. Unless otherwise specified, the purchased applications only include the relevant right to use and free update services, and the application center and application provider will not provide additional after-sales installation services.
6. The user shall bear all risks in using the application, including system damage, data loss and any other risks.
seven Users are not allowed to use the app in any way to engage in acts in violation of laws and regulations and social public order and good customs. Users must be fully responsible for the consequences of their improper use, and neither the website nor the application provider shall bear any responsibility.
8. The website and application provider reserves the right to change, limit, freeze or terminate your use of certain content without informing you and without assuming responsibility for you.

Purchase guide

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Download guide

On the left side of the "home page" menu, click on "blog" on the left side to enter the "blog" menu.
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3. Enter "my application warehouse", you can see the successfully purchased applications, and click "download" to download and install.

Other precautions

1. If you can't access the application center through your own website background, please purchase carefully, because this may lead to the application not being downloaded and installed smoothly.
2. If the paid app cannot be downloaded normally, please check the Z-blog and application update in the background of your website. If you have updated to the latest version and still can't download, please contact us in time.
3. When applying the update, it is possible to override the local settings. Please make a backup before updating.